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 Danny and Sam
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One of my favori Parts
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Song: Girl Power par The Cheetah Girls
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Danny woke up to see that he was being cradled par his arch nemesis. No, his former arch nemesis. How could he call this man his enemy? Even after all of the hateful things he a dit and did to the older halfa, even after everything they put each other through, Vlad still was accepting him in open arms. It reminded him of the alternate timeline he visited. How Vlad was willing to get rid of Danny's ghost half and still raise him. 'He didn't want my power. He-he wanted a son' the young halfa thought as he looked up at Vlad. "You seriously are one crazed up fruitloop, Vlad."

Vlad sighed. "Dear boy,...
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Danny was on his way home, worried about whether ou not he would get accueil on time. It had been months since everyone, other than Danny, Jazz, Sam, and Tucker, forgotten that Danny Fenton was Danny Phantom and that Vlad Masters was Vlad Plasmius. And that meant that Danny was back to his ten o'clock curfew. Danny was really tired from his long jour at school and from fighting Ember and Technus.

Danny looked at his watch. "Crap. Looks like another lecture." But when he got home, his parents weren't at the door waiting for him to arrive. "Probably in the lab." He went downstairs to the lab. His...
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I won't l’amour but want

Sam burst inside the dark empty room of the apartments she share her room with Valerie and Star, They are her room mates , She locked herself and broke down in tears,

"Why always this happened to me?" She thought, "Why everyone l’amour me just because of I'm rich? Why anyone don't try to see the soul inside me? Why anyone don't l’amour me as who I am? Why anyone don't try to understand me? All of those girls are my friend just because I'm belongs to a rich family and all of those..." She couldn't complete when her lover Slash come through her mind, she start crying plus worst....
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Ember McLain is the best Ghost in Danny Phantom! her song rocks as well! Full version with Lyrics in commentaire
danny phantom
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I'm a Believer over clips of Danny Phantom. toi that song from Shrek par Smashmouth? Yeah that's the one
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