Damon & Elena ♥FOTM Contest♥[Nominations are Open]

laurik2007 posted on Apr 13, 2010 at 10:18PM
We have some great not to say crazy fans:))So every month we honour one of them,or should I say you.


1 -Nominations
You can nominate any DE fan you want. Preferably someone who is contributing a lot or someone you get along with, fanatic fans, take your pick! You write your nomination in this forum, every month. You can nominate more than one fan…

Attention: You can't nominate the person who won FOTM before…

Every 1st day of the month I'll make a pick with all nominated people. You just need to choose person which was the best this month.

3 -Prize for the winner!
The winner of the pick is the new FOTM. He gets a lot of props and place on the winners list he will get a DE interview. Questions will be asked by the previous FOTM.

[FOTM for April] link.Interviewlink

[FOTM for May] link.Interview link

[FOTM for June] link.Interview link

[FOTM for July] link. Interviewlink

[FOTM for August] link.Interviewlink

[FOTM for September] link.Interviewlink.

[FOTM for October] link.Interviewlink.

[FOTM for November]link.

[FOTM for December]link.

[FOTM for January]link.

[FOTM for February]link.

[FOTM for March]link.

[FOTM for April]link.

[FOTM for May]link.

[FOTM for June]link.

[FOTM for October]link.

[FOTM for December] link.Interviewlink.

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