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posted by DelenaDiaries
What the Stelena said:
STELENA over Delena
Delena fan below me, honestly Damon is a really good character in the show. Agree with that.. HE IS A WONDERFUL BROTHER & GUY! ALTHOUGH, I'm sorry we all have our opinion, and my opinion is that Stefan & Elena belong together. People really think that Delena will happen, buut it won't? I just read a website & I read this when she a dit it Elena: (To Stefan) It`s toi and me, Stefan. Always. -- Kill ou Be Killed. & I don't doubt it, if Elena a dit it will always be Stefan, thatn it will always be Stefan. I don't 'disagree' with Delena, because everyone has there own opinion, I just like STELENA more. Try to understand why STELENA fans are so 'violent' , it's because there are moe Delena fans and they are taking advantage of that, which is not right. And just because there are plus Elena fans doesn't mean the showroom change , just for toi guys? Like, no. if Damon really loved Elena he would just let his brother do the whole Abby thing with Bonnie, because he Lost the bet. AND IF toi l’amour SOMEONE toi DON'T GO HAVE SEX WITH THE PERSON THEY HATE! ( rebekah ) & now all toi Delena fans have to answer this question,, would toi still love/go out with your boyfriend if he had sex with a girl that toi hated? I didn't think so.... So it's over with Delena. STEFAN AND ELENA FOREVER!

What the Delena said:
@STELENAoverDelena your statements are completely and incredibly ridiculous, and not only that but they are irrelevant to any meaningful and truthful answer, toi don't honestly believe that there is no plus Delena because Damon slept with another girl? Please, they're stronger than that. What if, perhaps, it was Stefan that had slept with Rebekah? Would Stelena be over? No, not to toi because toi prefer Stelena. toi Stelena's jump at the opportunity to insult and speak badly of Damon yet, when Stefan rips up women toi turn a blind eye. Stefan not only tortured men and killed them, but also wrote their names on a mur like the sick, messed up psycho that he is, compared to what Damon has done, as in 'kill people' Stefan is a downright, disgusting liar and toi think him and Elena should be together? Some people are just unbelievable. Delena forever!
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Making Out (Love) Scene From Tell Me toi l’amour Me
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I know we're all feeling the absence of TVD until it returns this fall so here is some fan fiction I had wrote a little while ago. I have it posté also on a fan Fiction website. I hope toi all enjoy it.
WARNING: Adult content in some of the later chapters.

Breaking Point

Chapter 1
It was quiet in his room after Elena had left him. He had hoped she would’ve donné him a reaction, any reaction, even a smile, something, after he had told her he’d always choose her. Obviously, he didn’t expect an outpouring of love, but even a small hug ou a Kiss on the cheek would’ve been better than a...
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 See the similarities?! Clue maybe? ;)
See the similarities?! Clue maybe? ;)
{I don't own any of the pictures!}

1. Because they have an "understanding".

2. She saw something in him than no one else had - his humanity.

3. They look hot together ;)

4. They have intense chemistry.

5. They have fun together.

6. They make Stelena's sex scene look overrated with their eye sex ;)

7. They have been compared to Jack and Rose from Titanic when Elena walks down the stairs to meet Damon at the dance.

8. It was Damon that saw her first as a corbeau, corneille ;)

9. Because when Damon falls in l’amour he falls hard.

10. toi can't deny their sexual chemistry.

11. Because at first it was an obsession as she looked...
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