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I know we're all feeling the absence of TVD until it returns this fall so here is some fan fiction I had wrote a little while ago. I have it posté also on a fan Fiction website. I hope toi all enjoy it.
WARNING: Adult content in some of the later chapters.

Breaking Point

Chapter 1
It was quiet in his room after Elena had left him. He had hoped she would’ve donné him a reaction, any reaction, even a smile, something, after he had told her he’d always choose her. Obviously, he didn’t expect an outpouring of love, but even a small hug ou a Kiss on the cheek would’ve been better than a curt nod and a quick “Good night,” but, no; nothing.
It had been his idea to get Stefan on board with signing over their house to her in order to protect her and even then she gave him a hard time par almost not allowing him entrance. In that, she was very much like her doppelganger.
Angrily, he threw a book at the mur and knocked a frame off the mur sending it clattering to the floor. Damn it all! He noticed she certainly had no problems slapping him though. He went over it in his head the countless times she slapped him. She seemed to l’amour to hit him ou touch him in some way.
He headed downstairs for plus bourbon and found himself pinned up against the mur par an angry Elijah.
“You think your little dîner party stunt to kill me is going to go unnoticed?” He hissed at Damon.
Damon noticed a stunned Elena standing a few feet away from them.
“Gee, Elena, as if my life wasn’t fucked up already, toi just go ahead and make it that much worse. Very thorough,” he a dit scathingly to her.
Elijah gave Damon a hard coup de poing to his stomach which doubled him over. This surprised him because he expected his cœur, coeur to be torn out, no, wait, Elena already did that.
“No, if not for Elena’s obvious affection for toi and wanting toi around, you’d have been surely dead par now. On the other hand, I have to say I admire your balls to do something like that,” Elijah a dit before heading off into the study.
Elena went up to Damon to help him up but he shot her a look that would surely freeze feu so she backed up.
“Damon, I’m sorry, but he’s one of our best options in defeating Klaus.”
“Why don’t I just hand toi a stake and make it a whole lot easier for you, Elena?” He a dit coldly as he brushed past her to head in for a glass of bourbon.
He walked in to see Elijah holding one out to him while drinking his own. “Thanks,” he a dit and then took a siège on the couch.
Stefan came in with Elena and a look of horror took over his face when he saw Elijah drinking with Damon.
“What’s going on? I thought he…,” he started.
“Ah, yes, toi did kill me but Elena saw to it that I, shall we say, came back from the dead,” Elijah a dit coolly.
Stefan looked to Damon who gave a small shrug and took a swig of his bourbon.
“Well, the gang’s all here, so I guess that’s my cue to leave since I know I’m not going to be on anyone’s save liste when this is all a dit and done,” Damon quipped and got up taking the bottle with him and left.
“Did I miss something?” Stefan asked.
“Just Damon being Damon,” Elena a dit irritably.
Elijah watched the scene with a slightly bemused expression on his face and said, “It almost feels like déjà vu to me, with the exception of someone’s deceptive duplicity.”
They looked at him, confused, but didn’t bother to ask. Elena couldn’t help but feel a little bad at her behavior towards Damon. Despite what he thought were his best efforts to help, he always managed to do something to upset her, but she knew he means well. So she went up to his room.
She went in his room to find him sitting on his lit reading. He also pointedly seemed to be ignoring her.
“Don’t toi knock? Oh, wait, I guess being the owner of this house now gives toi the right to be rude,” he snapped.
“Look, Damon, I’m sorry. What did toi expect from Elijah? toi and Alaric conspired to kill him and Alaric did.”
“I’m not thinking about his reaction. His reaction is understandable. It’s toi I don’t get,” he said; his eyes boring into hers. Feeling a little uncomfortable, she broke his stare.
“I don’t know what toi mean,” she said.
“Now, that I don’t believe. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m trying to read, so get lost,” he a dit dismissively.
Getting angry, she rounded on him and tried to give him a slap but he anticipated it and grabbed a hold of her hands, switching their positions which landed her flat on her back in the middle of his lit with him firmly on top.
She let out a little gasp feeling his body pressing firmly against hers especially his groin which she felt was hard as iron against her thigh.
“I think toi like hitting me too much. One might think you’re into S&M. Are you, Elena? Do toi like spanking people? Do toi like spanking Stefan and telling him he’s been a bad boy ou is it toi who secretly likes being spanked?” he a dit huskily near her ear.
Heat flushed to her face and she struggled against him but his hands held her wrists trapped like iron cuffs.
“Let go of me, Damon!” she hissed.
“Make me,” he challenged as he brought his mouth to her throat to trail gentle kisses along her throbbing artery.
She squirmed plus vigorously and adding to her further embarrassment, she got him plus aroused par her struggle if his moan was an indicator.
“Damon, please,” she pleaded.
He ignored her and instead decided to slide in between her legs and rub his eager groin against her. She let out a gasp of surprise which turned to a soft moan. He could sense her arousal and it got him only hotter.
As much as Elena wanted to be angry with Damon she couldn’t deny the lust he was sparking in her as she felt his hardness pressed very intimately against her. ‘God, what it would feel like to be skin to skin with him,’ she thought.
He trailed his mouth along her throat, to her jaw and gently nibbled at her lips. He was torturing her and knew it. She moaned softly bringing her groin up against his, grinding against him. Then she turned her face abruptly which forced his mouth against hers and she tentatively snaked her tongue out gently to trace his mouth. He didn’t give in to her right away and knew it was infuriating her because he could feel her emballage, wrap her legs around his hips demandingly as she ground herself shamelessly against him.
“Damon, please…,” she moaned.
“Please, what, Elena?” he mused.
She growled and brought her hips sharply into his making him groan. He was so hard right now it felt like he would burst but he wasn’t going to make this easy for her. Payback was a bitch. He let her hands free and surprisingly she didn’t déplacer to slap him. Instead she grabbed hold of his hips and pressed him plus firmly against her. He chuckled. He knew she was wet for him now but this was plus fun, making her wait.
“Uh, am I interrupting anything? I seem to need a room and Stefan has just left to see the witch, Bonnie, I believe.” They heard Elijah say behind them.
‘Damn! It! All!’ Damon thought. They both groaned in frustration and fell apart. When they turned to look at Elijah they saw that he looked vastly amused.
“I see this is what toi might say is awkward,” Elijah said.
“Yes, and your timing, impeccable,” Damon muttered.
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