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sorry guys for the bad quality :( i really hope you'll l’amour my vid anyway
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So, I'm an avid fan of the TVD novels series. As all of toi already know par now, I am a HUGE Book Bamon fan. In fact, I am plus of a Book Bamon supporter then a montrer Bamon supporter, however, at one point, I loved montrer Bamon as well. But a lot of things have changed in regards to my passion and support for montrer Bamon that I have decided to just stick with Book Bamon for now. Maybe things will change in the future when it comes to montrer Bamon but some major adjustments will need to be made in terms of Damon's characterization and also, increasing the amount of character exploration on the part...
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Damon: Book vs. Show

First off, hi everyone! I’ve been very inactive here lately because of computer viruses, but I’m fully active again. :)

Ok, so now on to the article….
Damon is, without a doubt one of the most populaire characters in TVD, in both the livres and show. But one question that seems to always pop up is which one is better? The character L.J Smith created in our beloved books, ou Ian Somerholder’s great portrayal of him in the show?

Well, this idea has been running through my head for a while now, so this is my take on both versions of Damon Salvatore.

I’ll start with some...
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Amamos a Mobília: When did toi decide to become a writer?

L. J. Smith:
I never took that decision; I think it was taken for me. I’ve always been a storyteller, and even before I knew how to read, I used to create poems and histories in my head. As soon as I learned how to read, I won a book about Greek mythology and from there on, my companions were formed par nymphs and Gods and par all kinds of fantastic creatures.

AM: Did toi major in Literature?

No, because my parent didn’t fully support my decision. They didn’t think I could support myself écriture books. That’s why I majored...
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