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posted by i_luv_cullen
Neha is still unconscious. So Kriya took a bottle of water n poured it on Neha.

Neha : Aaah...Are toi mad ?
Kriya : Yeah ..this was the only way to get toi up..*giggles*

Neha : hey.. stop laughing okk

Kriya : Ok ok :T

Neha : Neha have to talk with the handsome Vicky

Kriya : NEHAAA HE'S DEAF DEAF DEAF DEAF AND DEAF try to understand babe...How can toi fall in l’amour with a boy who is deaf?

Neha : toi are right I forgot that he was.........

Kriya ( tries to console her ) Don't think about him ok ? come on lets have an ice cream what say ?

Neha : No Kriya...I don't want to do anything
Kriya : ufff

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posted by i_luv_cullen
Neha is a very simple sweet girl who is looking for her prince charming...but there is nobody in the college whom she liked.
But one jour she was talking with Kriya and she saw a boy playing basketball.

Kriya ( to Neha ) : salut Neha...
Neha : ...
Kriya : salut hello what happened ? What are toi thinking about ?
Neha : Kriya...Do u know that guy?
Kriya : Yeah..he's Vicky...he's new in this college ! Why? What happened ? Ohhh no...don't tell me that toi .....
Neha : I think I fell in l’amour with him..
Kriya : But toi don't know him...he's..
Neha : I'm going to talk with him...
Kriya : NEHA ???
Neha : Bye !
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posted by eff_off_haters
Kriya's pov:
A pounding head tore my eyes open, pulling me apart from my dream which of course centered round me dancing. Rubbing my eyes i trotted towards my mirror half-asleep. What i saw on the mirrow literally scared me to shitless. A zombie was staring back at me. Really, anyone with eyes would say just that! Flushed cheeks, red nose, watery feeble looking eyes, all rested upon my abnormaly pale skin. And then it hit me. Yesterday's fever. "Noooo!" I whined plopping down on my bed, covering my face with my hands. I so much wished it would go away par today. There isnt even any way I can...
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