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This Les Experts - Manhattan photo contains portrait, headshot, gros plan, and closeup.

Didn't make an epic vid in a while ;D and since I l’amour Mac so much ;) it's about him, hihi It's kinda trailerish vid ;D
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So i made this a long way back in the House Md spot and I really l’amour Les Experts - Manhattan so why not??

100. toi watch Les Experts - Manhattan daily ou at least all days it airs in TV.
99. toi know the characters' full names
98.^^You know their completely lives.
97.You ship any Les Experts - Manhattan related ship.
96.You know all the real names from the persons who plays a character.
95. toi even know name of every gueststar that has appeared.
94.You can name the episodes in order.
93.You know the names of all 5 seasons ep.
92.You are always looking at the things toi touch to see your prints.
91. ^^You always try to erase them.
90.You have suffered...
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Les Experts
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 Partner for Hawkes?
Partner for Hawkes?
Q: How does it feel to be FOTM again?
A: Wow! Thank toi so much for this :)

Q: toi get a chance to be a character on the show, what is:
* Your character’s name: Allison "Ali" Jones
* Occupation: Les Experts of course.
* Storyline: Les Experts transfered from Wisconsin. Hawkes new partner (I don't think he really has one). Her mother was also a Les Experts and died on the job, grew up with her father.

Q: If toi had the power to pair up 2 of the characters on the show, who would they be & why?
A: Mac and Stella because they belong together. <3

Q: The team forms a band, what would they call themselves and who would...
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I don't own this video, I'm just putting it here so other people can watch it...
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