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Adam Rodriguez on Wendy Williams

8.13-Die par Sword-Behind the scene

8.13-Die par The Sword-Sneak Peek

8.13-Die par The Sword-Promo

CSI:Miami - Entertaiment Tonight 8.12-Show Stopper-Behind the scene

8.12-Show Stopper-Sneak Peek

812-Show Stopper-Promo

CSI:Miami-It's Raining Men

CSI:Miami-Take me to the Hospital

8.11-Delko for the Defense-Sneak Peek

810-Count me out-Behind the scenecs

810-Count me out-Sneak Peek

CSI:MIAMI 810 Cout me out Promo

CSI:MIAMI 809 Kill Clause Promo

CSI:MIAMI 808 Point of impact Promo

Les Experts miami

Les Experts miami

CSI:MIAMI Omar Benson Miller (Walter Simmons)

Les Experts Crossover Sneak Peek

Les Experts Crossover - Behind the Crossover

CSI: Miami-806-"Dude, Where's My Groom"-Promo

CSI: Trilogy - Behind The Scenes

Les Experts Miami - 8x06 - "Dude, Where's My Groom?" - Promo

Les Experts Crossover General Promo

Les Experts - Crossover Promo

Behind the scenes of Calleigh & Eric Kiss

Les Experts Miami - 8x05 - "Bad Seed" - Promo

Lt. Caine parody par Jim Carrey (very fun!)

Les Experts Miami - 8x04 - "In Plane Sight" - Promo

CSI: Miami: Season 8 Episode 2 (Youku)

Hiphuggers- Id Lie

Hiphuggers - Cold jour

Hiphuggers - The First Cut Is The Deepest

Hiphuggers - When toi Look Me In The Eyes

Hiphuggers- If your not the one

HipHuggers -- A Thousand Miles

Calleigh and Eric - Here Without toi

Calleigh and Eric - toi & Me

Calleihg & Eric- feu

CSI: MIAMI- Calleigh and Eric- Eternal Flame

Eric & Calleigh : "Lucky"

Already Gone--Calleigh Duquesne

CSI: Miami: Season 8 Episode 1 (Tudou)

CSI: Miami - 8x02 - "Hostile Takeover" - Promo

Eva La Rue at 2009 PRIMETIME EMMY AWARDS September 20, 2009

CSI: Miami: Season 8 Episode 1 (Youku)

Fall TV Preview: CBS Crime

CSI: Miami - Season 7 Recap

Season 8 Premier - Hiphugger Style - Calleigh and Eric - Request

SEASON 8 - 8.02 Spoilers!

CSI: Miami - Exclusive prévisualiser of Season 8

Ryan, Cal & Eric talking about curse (Curse Of The Coffin)

Marisol And Horatio

Eric/Calleigh 7.10 Scene

Eric/Calleigh 7.09 Scenes

Eric/Calleigh 7.11 Scenes

Eric/Calleigh 7.13 Scenes

Eric/Calleigh 7.12 Scenes

Eric/Calleigh 7.15 Scenes

Eric/Calleigh 7.14 Scenes

Eric/Calleigh (7.12)

Eric/Calleigh (7.12)

Eric/Calleigh (7.13)

Eric/Calleigh (7.14) - "I can't imagine living my life without you."

Eric/Calleigh (7.14) - "It was like a dream."

Eric/Calleigh- Something to Talk About

Eric and Calleigh- I'd Lie

I Won't Say I'm in l’amour - E/C

Eric/Calleigh ~ I Told toi So

Calleigh & Eric - Bubbly

Calleigh & Eric - toi Are The musique In Me

Crazy For This Girl - Calleigh & Eric


Our Time Now- Eric/Calleigh

Chemicals React_ Eric/Calleigh

Calleigh Duquesne - She's Not Just a Pretty Face

Calleigh Duquesne - Bring Me To Life

Calleigh Duquesne - Stand in the Rain

Emily Procter - Interview Festival TV Monte Carlo 2009 (Part 3)

Emily Procter - Interview Festival TV Monte Carlo 2009 (Part 2)

Emily Procter - Interview Festival TV Monte Carlo 2009 (Part 1)

Eric and Calleigh-I will be right here waiting for you-season finale

Les Experts Themes

CSI: Miami - Ivan Escapes

CSI: Miami : Calleigh and Eric - she's all i ever had (7x14)

Calleigh & Eric-With toi

Eric and Calleigh It's Gonna Be l’amour

Calleigh to Eric - My number one

Eric & Calleigh Whatever It Is

Calleigh and Eric - Right Round

Eric / Calleigh 7 24 ( and Calleigh solo)


Les Experts Miami - Season Finale Behind the Scenes

Les Experts Miami - 7x25 - "Seeing Red" - prévisualiser (Season finale)

CSI: Miami - Requesting Back Up

CSI: Miami - Russian Leader

CSI: Miami - I'll Take Care of It

CSI: Miami - A Hit and Run

CSI: Miami - Set Up

CSI: Miami - Reluctant Assassin