Some Years Later
It has been a while since I had been back in Miami. A lot of things have changed. I have grown up, toured overseas a couple times, and I have made a life for me. I have Friends that I have known since I joined the army and they were coming to live in Miami too. Although, some of them were getting married and I was still my single self which I did not like very much.
The first thing Mark and I were going to was treat ourselves to was some good food. We did not even want to go set our bags down at his fiancee's house. We wanted to eat something good!
"Where is wife," I asked as we sat down at the table.
"She could not make it," he a dit a little upset, "she had some family thing out of state."
"Ahh, at least toi know someone who lives here," I a dit laughing a bit.
"Yeah, what are toi going to do now," Mark asked curiously.
"I have no idea, I just want to eat something good," I stated, "I will eventually have to find somewhere to live."
"Yeah, well, my parent's house has an extra bedroom," he said.
"Thanks, I might have to take toi up on that offer," I a dit laughing.
"What can I get toi two to drink," our waitress asked.
"Water, for me," I said.
"I will have a coke," Mark said.
"Okay, do toi need time to look at the menu ou do toi know what toi want," she asked.
"I think I am going to need some time, these are some tough choices," I said.
"Okay, no worries," she smiled politely, "I will be back with your drink orders."
"Hey, what about her," Mark asked as he tried to set me up, yet again, "she is decent looking."
"Mark, toi have got to stop that," I a dit laughing.
"Melissa, I would like to pay for those two gentlemen's meal," a familiar voice said.
"Okay Lola, I will let them know," our waitress said.
"Melissa, I would rather toi not," the girl said.
"Oh come on Lola, they are cute," Melissa said.
"Whatever," Lola said, "I have to study."
"That voice sounds so familiar," I said.
"What voice," Mark asked, "how could toi remember a familiar voice? toi have been overseas how long?"
"That girl that our waitress was just talking to," I said, "true, but I did have a friend before I entered the army."
"Yeah but it had been years," Mark said.
"My friend Lola, who does not want me to tell toi this is offering to pay for your lunches," our waitress said.
"Oh, that is unnecessary," I said.
"She wants too and trust me, toi will not win that battle with her," Melissa said.
"Okay," Mark a dit as he shrugged his shoulders.
"What is your friend's last name," I asked.
"Oh, that is a good question, I don't really know," she said, "she comes here every Monday."
"Oh okay," I said.
After we ordered, I got up to thank this girl for buying our lunches. It was very kind for someone to do that.
"Thank toi for buying our lunches," I a dit as I walked up to her booth.
"It's no problem," she smiled as she looked up from her book.
"I am Kyle Harmon," I a dit as I shook hands with her.
"Kyle," she asked, "is that you?!"
"Um yes," I a dit confused, "I am sorry do I know you?"
"Um yeah, it's me," she a dit nervously, "Lola from the orphanage."
"I did not even recognize you," I said, "it has been while. Would toi like to rejoindre my friend and I for lunch?"
"Yeah, that'll be cool" she laughed nervously.
"Mark, this is Lola, my best friend before I joined the army," I said.
"It is nice to meet you," he said.
"Nice to meet toi too," she smiled, "so, what have toi been up to?"
"Shortly after toi got adopted I joined the army and have been doing that since then," I said, "Mark and I just got back from our last tour."
"Oh cool, that's great," Lola said.
"I told ya so Lola," Melissa a dit as she refilled our drinks.
"Kyle, here is an old friend," she laughed.
"Oh okay," Melissa said, "I guess toi told me so."
"I guess I did," Lola shrugged.
"What have toi been up to," I asked, "how is your family?"
"Oh, they are great," she a dit as an odd look came on her face, "I am in the middle of taking a plage lifeguarding class."
"I am glad it worked out. toi deserve a good family," I said, "so what is your family like?"
"There is Tom and Kelly, they are so nice! Then my step-brother Hayden just turned 21 and is in college," she said.
"Oh cool," I said, "Mark is getting married in a few months. He is super excited."
"Oh neat, congratulations," Lola a dit as she smiled, "well, I better go. It was good seeing toi Kyle and it was nice meeting toi Mark."
"Okay, thank toi for lunch," I said, "it was good seeing toi too. Bye."
"Is that the girl toi were telling me about when we first," he asked curiously.
"Yep, that is her," I said.
"Man, she is pretty! Too pretty for you," Mark a dit laughing.
"Oh whatever," I said, "Let's get out of here!"
"Okay, let's go." Mark said.