A Strange Way to Fall in l’amour Chapter Eleven
All I can do is stand there and watch as they take her away in an ambulance.
"Come on, son," some cop a dit as he approached me, "I will take toi to the orphanage."
"No, I want to go to the hospital," I stated; "I have to be there when Lola wakes up!"
"I am sorry but I have strict orders to take toi directly to the orphanage," he said.
"It is alright," Horatio a dit as he came to my side, "I am heading to the hospital and I can watch after him."
"Thank you," I said, "I just cannot imagine how terrified Lola will be when she wakes up! ou if she wakes up."
"Why are toi thinking like that," he asked oddly, "just because we found her slightly hanging does not mean she is going to die."
"Because everything good in my all ways dies on me ou walks out! Nothing stays around too long," I said.
"Everything will be completely fine," he reassured me, "besides, Lola likes toi too much to walk away from you!"
"She likes me too much," I asked confused.
"Yeah, I see how toi two look at each," he laughed, "I know toi both like each other but toi two are both stubborn, and will not admit it," he laughed as we arrived at the hospital.
"Me, like Lola," I a dit as I lied, "you have got to he kidding me!"
"Okay, I guess I am wrong," Horatio shrugged.
We walked into the hospital and went to the emergency room. We walked up to a lady sitting behind a pretty big desk.
"How may I help toi two," she asked with smile on her face.
"I am with the Miami Detective Agency," Horatio a dit as he showed her his badge, "I believe they just brought a Lola Brisk in here."
"Yes, follow me," the lady said.
We followed her down some hallways and through some doors till we came to an empty waiting room.
"Someone will be with toi soon," she smiled and then walked off.
This hospital was very ugly. I was trying to concentrate on other things then Lola. I was trying really hard to not think of the negative things. I usually think of positive things but right now I cared about my friend, and did not want to loose her. This is a cruel world and we have both found that out at a very young age. I just do not want Lola to be permanently hurt from this. That would be a very devastating for Horatio and I. And especially Lola. She would have to live with this her whole life. I cannot imagine how she feels every day. Not knowing whether someone from her past will come and get revenge on her.
"Hi Detective Caine," a doctor a dit as he came around the corner.
"Yes," he a dit as he stood up, "is everything okay?!"
"Yes, Lola will be completely fine," he stated, "she will have some bruising and cuts around her neck. We also took some x-rays and I found that some of rubs have hairline fractures on them. She will be in some pain when she wakes up but she will make a full recovery."
"That is great to hear," I a dit as I sighed in relief, "thank you!"
"Yes, thank you," Horatio a dit as we shook hands with the doctor.
"When can we see," I asked hopeful.
"Right now if toi would like," the doctor smiled.
We followed him down some hallways, through some open doors, and then we arrived at a room.
"Horatio, I need to talk to toi in private for minute," I heard the doctor say as I went to go see Lola.
I let the door closed and then stood behind it with my ear pressed to it.
"I would like to talk to toi about Lola's medication," he a dit quietly, "have toi noticed if she has been depressed lately ou suicidal?"
"No, I have not noticed any changes," Horatio stated, "most the time I have been spending with her lately she has seemed fine. Lola is all ways happy. Why do toi ask?"
"I found some cuts on wrist and I really do not think she would have gotten these from the rope they tied her with," he said.
"Lola would have not cut herself," Horatio a dit as he defended her, "just ask her when she wakes up!"
I fled to a siège beside Lola's bed. I looked at her. She looked peaceful, like she was finally getting that goodnights rest that she has not had in a very long time.
I noticed the cuts on he arms. I would not doubt that those guys did that to her so she would end up in a mental hospital.
I heard the door click open and looked that way. It was just Horatio.
"Has Lola seemed depressed ou suicidal to toi lately," he asked worried.
"Not at all; she is all ways happy!" I stayed, "why?"
"The doctors seem to think she has been cutting her wrist," he a dit with dread on voice.
"That is not even possible; she has not had access to a blade in days and those cuts are new," I a dit as I pointed at them, "there is no way she would have cut her wrist but not cut the ropes off!"
"Right, so toi over the conversation that I was having with the doctor," he asked slightly laughing.
"I did, I am sorry. But I had to know what was going on," I said, "I do not like when people think I do not need her something. Especially about my best friend!"
Horatio just nodded his head in approval.
"Her poor neck," I a dit in whisper.
It was black, blue, green, and purple. It had cuts on it too. It was really sad to see her in this situation.