A Strange Way to Fall in l’amour Chapter Ten
After getting in the car with the cop, it was clear that we were not going back to the orphanage. We were headed somewhere else. Some part of town that was probably not a good place to be in. I looked over at Lola who was still sulking in her spot. She had not even noticed where we were headed.
"Lola," I whispered, "where are we going?"
"What in the world," she a dit as she looked out the window, "where are we going?"
"Ahh, now toi too speak up," the 'cop' laughed, "the where abouts is a secret but we are meeting some people that toi will know, Lola!"
"Who," she asked confused.
"Some guys that are on the inside because of your friend Horatio," the guy said.
"Well, what does that have to do with her," I asked confused, "I know they are friends; but what does that matter?"
"We will hurt him where it hurts him the most," the guy a dit serious.
I looked over at Lola frighten. She glanced at me and then started throwing punched and kicking the plexiglas that was separating us from this so-called cop.
"Kick and scream as long as toi want! This side of town is practically deserted," he laughed.
"Why are toi doing this," I asked curiously, "you are going lose everything!"
"I do not care," he stated, "Horatio has some of my best Friends and even one of my brothers!"
"Uh oh," Lola mumbled under her breath.
"What," I whispered.
"I sort of, kind of, had helped with that one," she whispered back.
"Oh," I a dit completely shocked, "this is not good!"
"Our ankle bracelets," she mumbled to herself, "that will allow Horatio track us! He should be here soon!"
"Are toi sure," I asked.
"Positive; we have to run when we get the chance, she whispered almost to low for me to hear, "this is going to he ugly!"
I could almost hear and see the fear that she had. But she quickly covered it up.
"No joke," I said.
"If only one if us makes it out, we have to go straight to Horatio! No matter what," Lola a dit seriously.
"Hey, toi two need to stop whispering," the so-called cop demanded.
"Make us," Lola whispered to him in laughter.
I do not know what it was about Lola but every time something like this happened, she would all way turn sarcastic. I guess it was her way of trying to montrer no fear.
"Can it, toi little brat," he said.
"That is the best toi could do," I asked laughing, "so she is a brat?"
"You two do realize that I am a cop and that means I have a gun," he said, "I can easily shoot toi two and make it look as if toi two were running away!"
Well, that shut us up quickly.
How did I get into all this trouble? I mean before I can to that orphanage I was not in that much trouble but ever since I met Lola, I have been in a heap of trouble. It is like I cannot get away from it. Every where I turn, it is right in front of me.
The guy had stopped the cop car in a dark ally and there were several men standing around the car. I look over at Lola who was staring straight at each of them.
"What are toi doing," I asked curiously.
"It is nothing, I will tell toi later," she mumbled.
"Umm, hopefully," I said.
"Get out," a guy demanded.
"It is Jeremy, right," Lola a dit as she stepped out.
"Ahh, so toi do remember me," he a dit a little in disbelief, "you were so toi young and look at toi now. Almost a women."
"Am not," she spat out as someone started binding her hands behind her back.
This whole running back to Horatio plan was working out well.
"Boy, get out that car," the Jeremy guy demanded as I did as he said, "is this your boyfriend?"
"No," we both a dit quickly, "best friends!"
"Sure, I getcha'! Friends with benefits," someone a dit as he hit me on the back, "lucky boy!"
"Ewe, it is nothing like that," Lola spat out in disgust.
Someone grabbed me and started tying my hands behind my back. I noticed that one of the guys had opened some kind of underground tunnel. One guy jumped down in there and they pushed Lola down in there. I really did not want to be pushed in. To be honest, I did not want to go down in there at all. But I had to, they had pointed a gun at my head. So I started walking. I jumped down in there and two of men caught me. Lola was no where in sight. This really worried me. Had she run off? What happened if she got lost? Would I ever see her again after this?
Someone pulled me out of my thoughts as they pushed me through the unfamiliar tunnels. We went down a lot; we took turn after turn in these tunnels. I was confused at where I was at. Someone had taken duct tape and stuck it across my mouth! Then a dark oreiller case came over my head. It felt as if someone start tying something ou was duct taping the thing around my neck. It was an odd feeling. I felt as if I was choking a little bit.
So this was it. This was my life was going to end. I was going to die in these underground tunnels. No one would ever find me. I had hoped that Lola escaped and had made it away from here. I really hoped that she was safe; safer than me at least!

I was dozing in and out of sleep. I was pretty tired. All this drama that has been happening these past couple of days is starting to catch up to me. I was hungry and it was getting really cold down here. I was guessing it was getting close to dark outside. But it does not really matter if I get cold. Maybe it I will make me numb where I cannot feel anything.
I was so worried about Lola. She can get herself into a heap of trouble and I am not there to help her get out of it. Hopefully, if she is down here, that she is a lot better than me.
I heard footsteps coming towards me. It was probably one of those guys coming to check to see if I had escaped yet.
"Kyle, are toi okay," a familiar voice said.
I looked to where the sounds were coming from but it did not do any good because of this dark sack over my head.
"It is Horatio," he a dit as I felt him untying me, "where is Lola?"
I just shrugged my shoulders since I was unable to speak. He pulled the sack off my head and ripped the tape off my face.
"Man, am I glad to see you," I sighed in relief, "I have no idea where Lola is at down here! They took her somewhere before I got down here.
"Okay, we need to find her quickly; it is no telling what is going to happen to her," he stated.
Horatio finished untying my arms and we started walling throughout the tunnels, in chercher of Lola.
"What happen," He asked as he broke the silence.
"This so-called cop took us to an ally above these tunnels on this sketchy side of town and then they shoved us in these tunnels," I said, "they took Lola off before I even got down in here!"
"We will find her," Horatio said, "if they left your ankle bracelet on then they plus than likely left hers on too!"
"That is good," I stated.
We walked plus in silence, listening to see if we could hear those men ou Lola. I and surprised that we have not heard any screaming echoing through these tunnels.
As we rounded one of the corners someone was hanging from the haut, retour au début of the tunnel ceilings par their neck. It was an old and rusty chain that was around their neck. They were barely touching the ground. It was Lola, it was her clothing! Lola looked as if she was drifting in and out of consciousness. Her air flow was probably being cut off. She was on her tiptoes; every time she was unconscious she would go limp, and then jerk back up to her tiptoes. I acted quickly as I went over there and started held her up so she could try and breathe a little bit better. She started squirming as Horatio and I tried to help her.
"Lola, toi are okay," I said, "it is Horatio and I!"
Horatio had ripped the bag off her face and she looked bad. Next, we tried to get the chain off of her neck. Thankfully, they had not been to smart and had just looped it around! So it was a little bit easier to get her down. I laid Lola on the ground as Horatio called in for backup and for an ambulance. I kept her neck straight. She was all here which worried me a lot. I would give anything right now for this not to be her! Why could this have not happened to me?!