Esprits Criminels CBS starts to Spin the Bullcrap Machine re Criminal Minds

karmababy posted on Jun 18, 2010 at 02:37AM
We all knew it was coming - the CBS machine was bound to kick into gear to do damage control on their stupid-ass move in firing AJ Cook and gutting Paget Brewster's role. Here is the proof - just released today - so fresh you can still smell the farm-fresh stench of LIES!

PRIMETIMED is touted as an independent blog - and has published a very biased look at the complaints now raining down on CBS. I was dismayed but was going to give the author her due - respect her opinion even though I did NOT agree with it - UNTIL - I clicked on the ABOUT link. And what to my wondering eyes did appear - CBS affiliate!

Julie (the PRIMETIMED CBS-blog lackey) is no more than a cheap mouth piece to disseminate garbage about CBS motives to get rid of two very fine actresses.

Please - have a read - and leave your thoughts on her piss-ant paid-for-by-CBS opinion.

And please - leave your thoughts here about the LOW CBS move or other examples you find out there in cyber-space.


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il y a plus d’un an evil-twin said…
big smile
WOW....not only have they deleted the blog entry - they have deleted the ENTIRE BLOG SITE...check it out!!!
il y a plus d’un an AaronHaley4ever said…
doesn't surprise me...they don't care about the fans at all, just as long as the numbers crunch!
il y a plus d’un an goose29 said…
Hey. So, I just went to read it and it says the authors have deleted the blog and the content is no longer available! Maybe this is a good sign that they're realizing how angry we all are???
il y a plus d’un an nikki8green6 said…
Or they could at least update us about the situation,let us know that they appreciate the fans even the slightest little bit???
il y a plus d’un an readyreidagain said…
I am back on fanpop after being gone for about six months - criminal minds is the only reason i was coming here and now i see that they are killing off two regulars. Looks like i might need a new favorite show - NOT on CBS!