Esprits Criminels CBS Decision to feu AJ Cook - What Do toi Think?

Terra5 posted on Jun 15, 2010 at 06:38AM
Ausiello Files : "There was blood shed on the set of Criminal Minds today, only this time it was behind the scenes. Sources confirm that producers have opted not to pick up A.J. Cook’s contract option for next season. Which is a fancy way of saying girlfriend was fired!"
Paget will also have her scenes reduced... how is this sitting with you as loyal fands of the series??

Personally - I AM PISSED!!! The 'big boys' at CBS are ripping the heart out of one of the BEST shows they've got going in their line up. AJ is a veteran - there since day one. Paget stepped in exceptionally well to fill the Lola void. And now - the TWO female leads are being treated as "disposable".

My vote....BOO on you CBS.

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