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crazygal27 posted on Feb 25, 2012 at 12:57PM
I saw this forum on a few other spots and thought I would try it out on this one.

Rate the CM characters on a scale of 1 to 10.

1 - lowest
10 - highest

Have fun and write reasons and comments if you want to. And please don't hate on people if they have a different opinion to you. This is supposed to be fun :D.

I've just used the ten main charaters on my list, but feel free to rate other characters too, if you want (Strauss, Will, Doyle ect...)

Here's mine.

Aaron Hotchner 10
David Rossi 10
Emily Prentiss 10
Derek Morgan 8
Spencer Reid 9
Jennifer Jareau 7
Penelope Garcia 9
Ashley Seaver 9
Jason Gideon 7
Elle Greenaway 6.5

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il y a plus d’un an Lil-Liam36459 said…
Aaron Hotchner - 8 - He's cool
David Rossi - 8 - He's cool also
Emily Prentiss - 10 - SOOO hot and a great character
Derek Morgan - 8 - Cool again
Spencer Reid - 4 - He's a great character, but he realy gets on my nerves sometimes.
Jennifer Jareau - 4 - Although she's hot, I don't like her personality. Love AJ though
Penelope Garcia - 9 - She's hilarious and really pretty
Ashley Seaver - 9 - Also hot, but not as hot as Emily, Had good storyline too
Jason Gideon - 5 - He was good, but Rossi is better
Elle Greenaway - 4 - She was okay, didn't like her in S2
il y a plus d’un an davidrossi85 said…
Rossi 10 He's just amazing
Prentiss 10 She's just amazing
Garcia 9
Hotch 9
Reid 9
Seaver 8
elle 7
gideon 7
JJ 5
Morgan 3
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il y a plus d’un an teambamon said…
Hotch 10
JJ 10
Morgan 10
Reid 9.5
Garcia 9
Rossi 9
Prentiss 8
Gideon 7
il y a plus d’un an NCISLOVER said…
Prentiss - 10
Hotch - 10
JJ - 10
Rossi - 9
Morgan - 9
Garcia - 9
Reid - 7
Seaver - 5
Elle - 4
Gideon - 3
Strauss - 1
il y a plus d’un an AaronHaley4ever said…
Garcia- 10
Reid- 10
Gideon- 9
Prentiss- 8.5
JJ- 8
Morgan- 7.5
Elle- 6
il y a plus d’un an _addict2emilyP_ said…
Emily Prentiss 10 (SUPER AMAZING!)
Aaron Hotchner 9
Derek Morgan 8
Spencer Reid 8
Jennifer Jareau 8
David Rossi 8
Penelope Garcia 8
Ashley Seaver 6
Jason Gideon 5
Elle Greenaway 5
il y a plus d’un an foxybaby1392 said…
JJ-12+ (i love her)
Emily-11 (i love her personality second favorite character)
Reid-10( hes cute and smart)
Hotch-10 ( hes knows how to lead)
Rossi-10 ( i love this character and hes friendly with everyone)
Morgan-9 (hes hot)
Elle-8 (i actually liked this character but Emily alot more)
Seaver-3 (too plain and she hasnt been on long enough for me to judge)
Gideon-2(i liked him till fisher king)
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il y a plus d’un an CanzetYote said…
Hotch - 9
Reid - 10
Morgan - 8
Rossi - 7
Gideon - 6
JJ - 8
Prentiss - 10
Garcia - 9
Greenaway - 5
Seaver - 3
Benson - 6
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il y a plus d’un an foxybaby1392 said…
benson is in law and order not criminal minds
il y a plus d’un an 2cre8 said…
Reid 11
Hotch 10
Garcia 9
Rossi 9
Emily 8
JJ 8
Morgan 7 1/2
Elle 7
Gideon 7
(Oooops, I forgot Jack!! 8)!!
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il y a plus d’un an mikfan9 said…
Reid 11 (I love love LOVE him! <3 he's so smart and so unf)
JJ 10 ( I love her! I think she is so strong and amazing)
Emily 10 ( I love her for the same reason as JJ)
Rossi 9.5 ( he's great and I love how he has those words of wisdom evry now an then)
Gideon 9.5 ( omg I miss him so much! He was like the grandfather of the team and I loved that about him!)
Hotch 8.5 ( he's great and an amazing team leader I'm just not so fond of him)
Garcia 8 ( she's amazing and I admire her so much but sometimes I feel tht she can be a little bit unprofessional at times)
Morgan 7.5 ( he's so freakin' hot but his attitude pisses me off sometimes)
Elle 6.5 ( I actually really liked her when she was on the show. She was probably one of my favortie characters, but I didn't like the way she lied at the end to Hotch)
Seaver 5 ( I really didn't like her character. She was very much like a JJ wannabe and I didn't like that. But I do blame the writers for not giving her so much of a backstory and then not sticking with that storyline)
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il y a plus d’un an luneletter said…

Missed Gideon And Loves GENIUS
il y a plus d’un an reidrox said…
Spencer: 15
Hotch: 9
Morgan: 9.5
Rossi: 9
JJ: 9.5
Garcia: 8
Emily: 10
Elle: 6
Gideon: 10
Strauss: --5
Seaver: --4
Blake: 8