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Opinion by criminalminds15 posted il y a plus d’un an
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an 11 GCSE French – Topics for conversation

1.    Personal Relationships
2.    Tourism
3.    The environment
4.    Leisure
5.    Home life
6.    Education/Work


Personal Relationships

Parle moi un peu de ta famille.
Tell me about your family.
J’ai un grande famille étendu mais je les vois rarement. Mais je vois souvent ma mère, mon père et ma tante. Je n’ai ni frère ni sœur; je suis enfant unique.

Qu’est-ce que tu as fait récemment en famille?
What have toi done recently with your family?
Le weekend dernière je suis allée au un restaurant avec ma famille. Nous avons mangé au un restaurant italien. J’ai mangé un lasagne et ma mère a mangé une pizza.

Tu t’entends bien avec ta famille? Pourquoi/pourquoi pas?
Do toi get on well with your family? Why/why not?
Fan fiction by Paramore-CSI posted il y a plus d’un an
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SORRY FOR THE LONG WAIT MDR but here we go again!we left off with jackie and reid in a diff room and keving confronting garcia about her morgan issues!!!

Reid kissed jackies soft lips and told her she ment the world t him! while on the other side of the door.....
"guys get back in here!!"he yelled
"no your always telling us to get a room now we have one."he answered as jackie laughed.
"it is true."she a dit giggling. as she kissed reid again and again playing with his long silky brown hair!
"well if your not coming out we are coming in."morgan said"you better be decent."
"if we arn't you'd enjoy that wayy to much."jackie answered
"maybe."he said"as he kicked open the door"
"wow montrer off your muscles for the ladies."reid asked as kevin got a little mad!
"garcia i thought toi loved me."he asked
"i did but me and morgan have always had chemistry and i just l’amour him so much"she answered
Opinion by Paramore-CSI posted il y a plus d’un an
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your lovable and this pictures lovable too!!
(everything in this article is your gift I just thought I wanted this plus personall so I wrote a poem with your name and added pictures around the article with words that kindof describe you!!HOpe toi like it!!)

Most amazing in every way
Intelligent and here to stay
Charming forever more
Heroic to the core
Awsome and nice
Energetic like mice
Lovable to the end
Awsome in all she has to send
to toi Michaela all is well
Hope your christmas is swell
With all my cœur, coeur I send toi this for a start

l’amour your secret Santa Jackie
Opinion by criminalminds15 posted il y a plus d’un an
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Guys, be honest am I a horrible person? Because I feel as if I am. I've always liked Hayley I just felt as if I shouldn't like her as I l’amour Hotch and she broke his heart... If toi get what I mean... So I've always a dit I didn't like her and been mean about her... And it's even worse as I'm a person who loves to débats and will just pick a side. I got the "anti-Hayley" side when I was with my mum so that lead to me saying all sorts of horrible things about her. And then I got annoyed at her for complaining that she had a job and Jack had school when a serial killer was after them. But now I realise that she wasn't being annoying, she was worrying about Jack's childhood and how he didn't see his dad much at all then and how he wasn't going to be able to see him at all if they went into witness protection. How, he would lose all his friends, things that are hard to gain. And I don't think that they were moans, they were pleads. Pleads for a life of normality. But I didn't realise that then and got annoyed and called her stupid and all sorts. And then I found out that she was going to die and I felt relieved. Relieved! At the news of the death of a fellow human being, I felt relieved!...
Article by criminalminds15 posted il y a plus d’un an
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OK... If toi can be bothered to read this ou just answer the question it would help!
OK... I wrote this in an 5 ou an 4 ou whatever and ages il y a I randomly typed it up on my computer. I'm now wondering whether to get rid of it as let's face it it's kinda rubbish! But I wondered if I should keep it as it's part of my life's history...


The house stood there, lonely and deserted. Lesley gasped from far away it had looked accompanied and he could have sworn smoke had eagerly leapt out of the chimney.
He had also heard the sound that so often one associates with a house in which many happy people are among the residents, the sound of laughter. Yet as he approached he came to terms with the fact that really there was no smoke, no merry sounds from within and most of all no one.
Now the windows were smashed and the odd brick lay scattered here and there across the forest floor. What used once to be a tenderly loved garden was now a haven for weeds and nettles. The fleurs had long since been defeated in a slow but none the less epic battle against the weeds, with the result of the weeds reining supreme leaving the fleurs to bitterly...
Fan fiction by Paramore-CSI posted il y a plus d’un an
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For the first time ever this isnt inspired par my sopha. I know crazy but this ones special its special to me atleast so tell me what toi think.
The way his hair falls
close to his eyes
the way he thinks
and his face when he blinks
his face
like an angel
Just calls people in
its like his body is covered within
he is a genius
one noone can compare
he has something about him
that just makes toi swim
In his voice
his body and mind
he has this thing
not like a ring
but he sparkles and glows
like like a heavenly snow
covering the ground
he stays like a mound
but he is exqiset
and free
and just like an Angel he set me free
he makes disaster
and pain go away
he stops the offenders
before they get there way
hes a hero
and god
a amazing dude
Fan fiction by Paramore-CSI posted il y a plus d’un an
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okay okay this is yet again another sopha inspired story. YEs,yes,yes again always again. SHe is just so inspiring this is like the 3rd idea she gave me this month. WEll i have only known her for around a mois but toi get the picture. So me and my sopha were having a convpo like always and we were roleplaying well i dont know why reid got in there but he did and it was awsome and then hotch and emily came in and garcia and her boyfriend whos name I just keep forgetting(betcha sopha will tell me after and ill have to change it). So anyways yah thats how I got this idea it has emily and hotch and garcia and morgan and sophie and garcias bf and me and reid and its just so so wonderfull so ill shut up all ready and get to it ou will I? I don't know this is a one shot so i really have no clue. Oh noez I am boring toi all ready nooooooooooooooo!!!!
*world fades away and a new scene comes up
Jackie and sopha were sitting and talking, laughing even, when reid entered the room.
Fan fiction by Paramore-CSI posted il y a plus d’un an
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Ok Inspired par my sophtacular sophalicious sopha SOPHIE yay lolz
*croud cheers
*Chants Sophie sophie
*wonders whatd she inspire now
*JAckie yellls Quiet
*crowd sits down
So as ya know Sophie is 7 hours ahead of me so this is the story of How I changed that
*crowd listens eagerly

Jackie and Sopha where having a nice converstaion one day. When Sopha was up at 1am.
*crowd scolds sopha
Anyways so we decided on how we could fiz the timing issue so Jackie yes the amazing Jackie.
*crowd cheers wildly
came up with ideas to fix it!!!!!!!
*crowd cheers
one stop time only in england
*crowd yells yaya
two KIdnap sopha
*crowd cheers so loud jackie loses train of thought
Any ways so couldnt come up with first one machiny thingy so like a Jackie amazing rock étoile, star person I ggot a plane ticket to england.
*crowd moves to edge of seats in suspence
Got on the plane and sat there bored duh who wouldnt be so i contacted my boyfriend superman(for thoses of toi who don't know)
Fan fiction by criminalminds15 posted il y a plus d’un an
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It doesn’t take much time to say three words. And “I l’amour you” is just that… Three little words… “I l’amour you”… No, not long at all. Well, I mean, it doesn’t take long to say the actual words but getting to that point where toi can say it, and mean it? That takes a long time. But she supposed if toi work alongside a man most of your time that must amount to enough because right now she was ready to say it and ready to say it with conviction. She was ready to shout it from the rooftops, all-day, everyday and she never tired of letting him know that, he didn’t either. The first time had been the hardest though. Of course it had been. She hadn’t known how he would have reacted. But life was too short to guess at people’s emotions. Being kidnapped and almost murdered helps toi realise that. It certainly did in her case anyway.

There had only been about a few secondes to tell him how she really felt before SWAT, the rest of the team, the local police force and the paramedics all came rushing in, but that was all the time she needed. The events leading up to that moment had been treacherous and heart-breaking, were her feelings mutual? Sometimes she...
Fan fiction by Paramore-CSI posted il y a plus d’un an
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Ok now I decided to write a fic about me and reid lolz so i am posting it here lolz and on the reid fans spot lolz. This was half sophies idea so thanks.(sorry bout spelling and stuff spelll chacks not working.) i tried I ddont think i got reids character too well but i guess ill see. Feed back is encouraged and l;oved alot so if u could commentaire i would l’amour it. ok well here it is.

Her eyes met his as she passed him, for the first time she could tell he was actually her true love, his eyes just spoke to her. He was like the missing piece to her life, she needed him. She continued walking along her cœur, coeur beating so fast she was afraid he’d hear it. He noticed her eyeing him and kept going thinking about this girl, for he wasn’t the guy every girl stared at. Letting his feet carry him he was tooken to his apartment. She lay on her lit dreaming about this guy, this one guy who made her cœur, coeur beat faster than it had ever beated before. She kept dreaming about the one guy who won her over par one glance. Which never happened. Her eyes were starting to drift close and in one...
Opinion by criminalminds15 posted il y a plus d’un an
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Birthday: Febuary 11th

étoile, star Sign: Aquarius

Symbolisation: The Water Carrier

Element: Air

Ruling Planet: Uranus

Stone: Amethyst

Colour Choice: Turquoise

Life Pursuits: To understand life's mysteries

Traits: Adventurous and energetic
Pioneering and courageous
Enthusiastic and confident
Dynamic and quick-witted

Likes: Fighting for Causes
Dreaming and Planning for the Future
Thinking of the Past
Good Companions
Having Fun

Dislikes: False Promises
Excessive Loneliness
The Ordinary

Secret Desire: To be unique and original


Birthday: March 21st

List by criminalminds15 posted il y a plus d’un an
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Means: Wisdom in Greek
toi are responsible, determined and tenacious with sound judgement and the ability to inspire others making toi ideal for positions of leadership. Having broad vision toi are happy to accept the challenge of handling large projects which others may find too demanding. With your keen intuition and inventive mind toi are always seeking answers. Fair and just toi have a warm and compassionate nature which attracts many friends.

Means: Victorious in Latin
toi are a visionary with courage and enthusiasm if a little hasty at times. Your ambitious nature can be satisfied when toi apply wisdom, patience and self-discipline to your vitality and zest. toi have wonderful way with words and may be drawn to the communications arena where there is the potential for great success. Your generous and warm nature attracts many Friends and loved ones.

Means: Peaceful ruler in Teutonic
List by criminalminds15 posted il y a plus d’un an
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1. toi know the exact rendez-vous amoureux, date and time Criminal minds comes on

2. toi miss Gideon and toi still believe he will come back one day.

3. Yes, Dr. Spencer Reid is a Genius

4. toi know that Hotch doesn’t smile at almost anything anymore

5. toi hate Kevin Lynch with a passion and whishes that he would just “disappear” already.

6. toi know that Reid can read 20,000 words per minute and has an IQ of 187

7. toi know all the nicknames that morgan and Garcia have for each other

8. Even if it’s a repeat toi DEMAND to be there on time to watch it

9. toi have threatened your TVIO bodily harm because it missed the recording when toi got home

10. Criminal minds somehow comes into almost all of your conversations

11. toi cried when Garcia was shot, when Reid got kidnapped, Elle got shot, morgan was almost blown up, ou when Hotch was left there dying

12. toi learn most of your worldly facts from Reid (6 elevator related deaths per an and 10,000 resulting in hospitalization)
Fan fiction by LadyMaeve posted il y a plus d’un an
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Ok, this is what came up from my crazy mind, after Sophie and Kaidi got all the kidnapping and wedding idea,I asked Colette per help with the details,and she found all the amazing pictures toi can see in the story.There's going to be another part,with the description of the party (that is the funniest part)for now i hope you'll like this! Thank to toi all for being so AMAZING!I l’amour you!
*For the links, just right click and select "open in a new tab"*


Boys Room:

Reid: * to Morgan, trying hard to fix the knot of his tie* Can toi please remeber me why i couldn't have a bow-tie?

Morgan: *giggling watching him stuggling with the knot* How it is that toi can't make a knot to that tie? I thought toi were a Genius!

Reid: *Looking bad at Morgan* I AM a genius! I've got an IQ of 187, and an eidetic memory! BUT i've never worn a tie!

Morgan: *Looking surprised* toi are kidding! toi MUST kidding!
Article by Celina79 posted il y a plus d’un an
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Some of toi might seen this Time Zone, already in another Spot. I thought it would be great to do the same here, as we are from all over the World.
With permission of adyingsomething I can use her Timezone map here as well.:)
The letters refere to the liste to the map at the bottom.

Please let me know, when I can add you, ou if i'm wrong with your Timezone.

U (-8)
Paramore-CSI - British Columbia
24girl - Canada

S (-6)
--ame-- - Mexico

R (-5)
Lindy52 - New York

Q (-4)
marwi - Argentina

Z (0)
girly_girl - Ireland
Criminalminds15 - England
basket_case1880 - Enlgand
CadburyBabe- Scotland
CathCuddy - Portugal
Suu - Portugal
AnnaDelko - Portugal

A (+1)
Celina79 - Switzerland
LadyMaeve - Italy
List by suu posted il y a plus d’un an
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Here's the Criminal Minds Episode Schedule for the end of October and for November.

I'll update it as soon as there's plus new dates confirmed. And, of course, in case there are any changes on the airing dates.

NOTE: This article may contain spoilers for the upcoming Criminal Minds episodes. If toi don't want to be spoiled, DON'T read it.

-21/10/2009 - 5x05 - "Cradle to Grave" - New Episode

Episode description: The team hunts a suspect who impregnates young women and has them give birth before murdering them.

-28/10/2009 - 4x20 - "Conflicted"

-04/11/2009 - 5x06 - "The Eyes Have it" - New Episode

Episode description: The BAU team tracks a serial killer who keeps the eyes of his victims as souvenirs

-11/11/2009 - 5x07 - "The Performer" - New Episode

Episode description: The BAU is called to Los Angeles to investigate a series of killings that lead to a Goth rock étoile, star who appears to have become Lost in the creepy alter-ego he portrays when he is on stage.
List by Celina79 posted il y a plus d’un an
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I thought I could make a birthday calendar, so we do not forget when we have to celebrate.:P
A big thanks to Susana who helped and inspired me to make the calendar. :)
And now let me know your rendez-vous amoureux, date of birth and I will add toi to the list. :)

-> 11th- LadyMaeve and atob211

-> 21st- Celina79

-> 30st- Kaidi

-> 2nd- Lindy52

-> 21st- Simmy

-> 15th- Criminalminds15

-> 16th- mic_egan94

-> 5th- Paramore-CSI

-> 26th- suu