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posted by windwakerguy43
Part 1
My name is Prototype 8. I have been stuck in this test tube for years. I have no clue how ou when I got here. I am just a simple experiment. I have no family, no friends, no nothing. Just a simple abomination.

Being the head of a research facility is not very easy, ou interesting. I wanted a simple job, like a doctor ou lawyer ou something. Sadly, I was never donné the chance, as, being a plus intelligent human being then most on this planet, my parents chose my life for me. I never was donné the chance to actually do anything a normal boy could do. Now look at me. I work for the government...
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posted by windwakerguy43
I was écriture my story on the typewriter.
People say that they are afraid of the dark
However, its not the dark they're afraid of
Rather, it's what lies in the dark
What is it. No one knows
But, I couldn't think right now
There was a storm outside
A rather strong one
It blew out the power eventually
I was left in my room
In the dark
Suddenly, I heard footsteps
Then, I could smell dry blood
Then, I could feel something placing they're hand on my shoulder
It was no doubt
This is what lies in the dark
posted by CreepyPastaBabe
running.running from police. it amuses me how they think they can catch me. i running out of forest and there's no choice to go on streets.i see a glimpse of sidewalk and dash towards it. in plain sight,i run to the right.but suddenly i saw something that stops me.there's a man,killing another with a decaying body suivant to them.i hide behind some trash cans and watched the horrific joy of the murder. the man looks up and then around to check if anyone was around. he ran off and i heard the barks of police chiens and i ran too but instead of straight i follow the man to see where he is going. he...
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posted by windwakerguy43
I didn’t want to do it.

My name is Noah. I was just standing there, in the classroom, sitting par myself, as always. I was always par myself. I don’t know why. Was it because I was the new kid. That must be it. No one really did seem to talk to me, look at me, ou even step in my direction. And the name calling, it just cut deep into me. Like a knife. Why was this all happening to me? Just why

I didn’t want to do it.
I didn’t.

I was finally able to meet another new kid, named Sam. He was much nicer than the other kids. When he saw me par myself, he walked up to me and talked to me. I was so...
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posted by CreepyPastaBabe
hello my name is m-morgan and uhh my story is weird
it all started with my obsession with umm Jeff the killer i told no one about it and the story kept going in my head like a stuck record. i knew he wasn't real and umm my older sister hailey she she uhh noticed some "strange" things going on about me she asked whats up and i just a dit n-nothing but one night i learned that umm jeff was real! he was in my room around 3:30 i think and uhh he a dit morgan i know toi know who i am. and i was confused at first because um he knew that i knew him which was weird he a dit come with me and i left with...
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