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 Jeff the Killer
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posted by lizzy_dizzy1
I lived across the road from these two boys once. their names where Jeff and Ben. I use to think Jeff was watching me as our lit room windows where straight across from each other. it was stupid my Friends would joke they are murders it was all in good fun.

it had been a mois since the moved in across the rue from me. I was use to the.. odd noises that cam from the basement. but one night I seen this faceless thing out the window I when out to go see I made it to the side walk when Jeff tackled me into the woods I remember what he a dit clear as day. he a dit "run Liz run and don't look back...
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posted by FrostyBlazer
All (singing): happy birthday to you!

Me: thanks guys! toi know for killers toi guys are pretty nice

Jeff: not for long >:D

Me: well guys... I guess I should get to work

All: yep

Me: *sigh*

well guys it is my birthday (like toi care) and I'm here to make some announcements!:

I'm doing a side series called "The Chronicles Of Zalgo" about the events of the villains!

Also I'm doing a series on Windwakerguy's fanpage called "Void"... all I can say its utter chaos...

Finally, also on Windwakerguy's fanpage I'm a character in his series called " Windwakerguy's amazing quest" its is about him trying to get fame!

that is all, chao!
posted by FrostyBlazer
*2 weeks later*

Slender: breakfast is ready!

Johnny: awesome!... just because toi don't trust me doesn't mean toi have to stalk me...

Hoody: I'm not stalking you...

Johnny: bullshi*

Lucius: how the hell did toi learn how to cook?

Slender: I had a daughter...

Lucius: cool

Porter: I wonder what Zalgo is doing...


Zalgo: ...

Lisa: ...

Zalgo: FUC-


Masky: we are clearly out numbered... so we must devise a plan

Lucius: well... we should gather people that are not apart of Zalgo's Army ou supporters of it

Johhny: and if toi let me go I could get my guys to help you...

All but Lucius: NO!

Lucius: do we have a choice?

All but Lucius: NO...
posted by FrostyBlazer

46: ok Mr. Timothy toi are free to go...

Masky: thanks...

96: *screeching*

46: shut-up! god I work with a mute and a banshee!

Porter: ok, let me teleport toi guys outa here...

ToTheArk: how did toi get here?

Porter: I can teleport... its in the name

All: oh

*Meanwhile... again*

Zalgo: it is time to take action! Clockwork!

Clockwork: yes lord Zalgo?

Zalgo: I need toi to break Zippers out... again...

Clockwork: yes lord Zalgo...

Zalgo: Observer! RED!

Both: yes?

Zalgo: go capture BEN...

Observer: yes sir...