A girl named Sarah had been a photographer for about 3 years now. Her photos included sun sets slowly setting, while the beautiful orange and rose sky lightens the herbe around, and animaux up close. Her photos were beautiful, until one day, she retired from being a photographer, and decided to take on taking photos of herself. Her family look at the photos a lot, and they smile to compare her 5 an old self, to now. Eventually, the "hoax" Smile Dog had gotten extremely big in where she lived, so she decided to do some research. Concluding her evidence, she had gotten an email from an old friend, Rachel. Rachel had sent her the exact file of Smile Dog. "Smile.jpg," making her panic. If she wanted to live, she had to spread the Email, however, she thought that Rachel was messing with her, and found a photo, saving it to her desktop as Smile.jpg. She did not send the email to others in order to live, and one day, she took a photo, however, it wasn't what she expected. She always knew that her photos looked beautiful, however, not this time. She sends the photos to Friends and family, and before the week ended, they had died the same week that she sent the photo. Puzzled, after a month, she decided to view one of the photos. So, she looked at her files of her saved photos, thinking that it was just a aléatoire timing kind of thing, and also hoping that it was as well. She vues one of her photos. It shows herself standing there with her little emotion, and pose, however, Smile Dog was always in the corner of the photo. In each she viewed, she got even plus scared than she was before. She then closed her laptop, and felt an awful pain. She turns into a dog, however, not quite like others. She has pointy, but short demon like horns, and sharp pointy teeth, as if she were a shark. Her tail matched Smile Dog's, and she has a crooked, twitched grin on her face. Her claws were extremely sharp, and were clean, but soon stained with blood. Her eyes were burnt, and widened completely, and toi can't even see the pupil. The transformation of her photo's, turn toi into this. Over 300 people have died because of her. Could toi be next?