Coldplay Official Coldplay Radio!

GoomRick posted on Oct 13, 2008 at 10:54AM
For the attention of all Coldplay fans: Coldplay have their own official radio!

Dedicated to all things Coldplay with exclusive live tracks, B-sides, and album tracks, Coldplay Radio broadcasts 24/7 online and soon through other digital mediums.

The creators and hosts - Goom Radio - have created a collection of professionally programmed radios of different genres.

The website is a beta at the moment but when fully functional will provide users with the tools to create their own radio by programming playlists and podcasts. There will be English, French, German and Spanish versions online soon, but for now it's just French. This isn't a problem for listening to the radios, and the basic functions are easy to understand!

There will be opportunities for fans to become involved with Coldplay Radio soon - I'll keep you posted!

Listen now at


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