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 If KND was a live-action film Father
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If Kids suivant Door was a live-action film, Father will have to be played par James Franco who played Franco on the ABC Daytime Soap opera General Hospital. Father is still the main villain because he had the Delightful Children in his flashback.
codename kids suivant door
kids suivant door
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Kacey picked up Toby and Kiki lead them to where Wally was knocked out. A big beam had landed on him. His head was cut and covered in blood. Hoagie had ran into the room to see the scene. The feu began to grow. Kacey handed Toby to Kiki and she picked up her cousin. They ran out of Wally's room. Hoagie grabbed the feu extinguisher and put out the fire. Right at that time, Kuki, Abby and Megan walked towards Wally's room. Kuki turned to Kacey holding Wally. She saw the big cut in his head. It was gushing blood. Wally and Kacey were now covered.
"You're the medical officer!" Kacey shouted...
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"What?" Wally screamed. "You want me to sing?" He couldn't believe his ears. Kacey and Abby walk into his room and asked him to sing. He knew something was up.
"Come on, Wally," Kacey a dit all sweetly. "We want toi to enter The Kids suivant Door Christmas Talent Show!" Wally nearly fainted. A talent show? Were they trying to kill him? He was going to find out.
"And why in crud's name would I do that stupid Talent montrer thing?" Wally screamed. Kacey sighed. She then came up with a perfect plan.
"Wally," Kacey began. "The grand prize is Free Candy and camelote, indésirable nourriture for the entire Sector for a year."...
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~~~~~Flashes to KND symbol,now at sector v~~~~~~~~

    Later on, the kids were back at the arbre house. Numbuh four was ripping on numbuh 2 so hard it was almost funny. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Man, that was so funny! toi go to talk to 'er an toi fall flat on yer face!, Numbuh four was saying through loud laughter. At least she laughed! , numbuh three put in helpfully. Man, numbuh five thinks toi really need to check if your shoelaces are tied plus often! Numbuh five put in with a small shrug. Numbuh twos face was beet red. It had been the worst recess of his life. Numbuh one...
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Operation: C.O.N.G.R.A.T.S.


    Numbuh two squirmed in his siège with excitement. Today was the Big Day! A few weeks before, his teacher had donné them the assignment to bring in a example of a invention, a brief rapporter of the inventor who created it. One of numbuh twos best inventions lay par his desk. Who better than himself when écriture about great inventors? Meanwhile Numbuh four was gazing around at the others bringings. Under Egg Boys bureau lay an egg timer. He let out a small groan . A arc en ciel Monkey lay par most of the girls desks....
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Hogie:It truly is an insane crazy world out there I had never had a câpre, caper since my Mom's dîner with kookie's parents I was board out of my mind until a girl stepped into my office ar 11:00 am she smelled like bubble gum and romance gross right she wore a brown hat and manteau and carried a black case a case I was about to crack wide open.
the door slammed behind her and she haden't seen me in the dark until I turned my lamp on so of course she turned around and stuck her toungh out in disgust why?becuase I was eating pomme crumble like usuall so se most likley heard about my little câpre, caper of how...
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