Even though Kacey had called "Battle Stations", nobody moved.
Kacey quickly covered Kiki's mouth.
"You're NOT screwing this up again!," she angrily whispered, "Lemme see if I can talk this out."
She cleared her throat, and (as much as she hated it) smiled and sweetly asked: "Hi, Count! How are toi on this beautifully Rainbow-Monkey-tastic day?"
He smiled, folded his hands, batted his eyelashes (LOL) and responded: "I'm just absolutely fantastically awesome!". He then frowned, glared at Wally and Kiki (who had nervous smiles on their faces, one hand behind their back, and the other hand waving at him), and growled, "But my DAUGHTER isn't. And if I heard from her correctly, Miss Hatrick and Mr. Beetles made her cry yesterday."
"Don't forget Abby! She helped too!" Wally added. Kiki covered his mouth with her free hand, and Abby smacked him with her hat.
"Well, yes...." Kacey muttered "...but she WAS being a bit of a....well...twerp."
"Not MY daughter!" he responded, shocked, "Little Valentina Louise Spankulot-"
Wally and Kiki startrd snickering.
"Valentina LOUISE?!"
The Count snarled at the two. Both immediatly shut up.
"As I was saying before I was so RUDELY inturrupted, little Valentina Lousie Spankulot is an angel. She'd never do anything...um...twerp-ish."
"I beg to differ..." Kiki whispered to Kuki.
The Count grabbed Kiki par the collier of her shirt.
"That's IT, toi little smart mouth! I've HAD it with your snide comments!"
She started to defend herself, "Hey, hey, hey! They are NOT 'snide comments', it's called 'the truth'!"
Kacey smacked her forehead, "Kiki, Kiki, Kiki...". She usually expected this kind of stuff from Wally, Hoagie, ou occasionally Kuki.
Storm clouds rolled in (wow, that was fast!)Lightning began to flash and thunder began to crash. Everyone started shaking. Kiki (obviously) was sweating bullets. 2 minutes had gone par and nothing had happened.
"Well?" Kiki finally spoke up.
"Well what?"
"Aren't toi gonna get me?"
"I decided I'm gonna let someone else...in fact, TWO someone elses.... get you. We just gotta wait for them to get here."
Everyone rolled their eyes.
"What do toi wanna do 'til then?"

About an hour-and-a-half later, there was a knock at the door.
"I'll get it!" Kuki shouted. She skipped to the door in the Halloween costume she wore last year. When she opened it, there stood Numbuh 244 (wearing an outfit similar to her dad's), Knightbrace, and Numbuh 245 (wearing an outfit similar to her dad's).
"Sorry, we're late," Minerva started, "Val and I had a minor disagreement with a couple of kids at the playground and-"
Everyone was staring at the table, tableau in the middle of the room. The Count, Kiki, Megan, Maddy (Numbuh 2001), Hoagie, Abby, Kacey, and a very cranky Wally were sitting around it; all dressed up, eating biscuits, cookies and drinking tea. Everyone waved.
"We're havin' a thé party!" she chirped.
Minerva and her dad were on the ground, laughing.
"Why is Daddy wearing a tiara?" Val giggled.
"Well, him and Kiki both wanted the haut, retour au début hat, and they started fighting. Kacey told them to settle it par playing 'Rock, Paper, Scissors', and Kiki won."
The Count stood up, took the tiara off, brushed the cookie crumbs of his clothes, and cleared his throat.
"Well, sweetie...you a dit toi wanted to get your revenge on these insolent children?"
She nodded her head, smiling evilly.
"Minerva does too!"
"Well, have fun! Knightbrace and I are gonna go and chat for a little while and get some coffee. Call us if toi have any trouble."
Kiki scoffed, "You had a bunch of biscuits, cookies and tea! How can you-"
He kneeled down to his daughter's height.
"I reccomend going after Numbuh 8 first. She's been SUCH a smart mouth lately."
The door closed, and Minerva and Valentina began laughing evilly.
Kacey cleared her throat, "BATTLE STA-"
"They're KND operatives!", Hoagie whined, "We can't call battle stations on THEM!"
Minerva and Valentina had viscious smiles on their faces.
"Hoagie, THAT is not the look of a KND operative! They've gone to the dark side!" Kacey contradicted.
"Maybe we can beat them up a little bit, and then see if we can talk them back to the GOOD side!" he added.
Kacey rolled her eyes.
"Fine. KIDS suivant DOOR, BATT-"
"Can I say it??" Maddy asked.
Kacey sighed, exasperatted. "Fine..."
Megan started crying happily, "YAY! MY LITTLE SIS CALLED HER FIRST 'BATTLE STATIONS'!!! I'M SO PROUD!!!"
Everyone rolled their eyes.