Episode 97: Secrets

"And this is your room," Jim a dit as he opened the door. It was simple, but it had cabinets, which were a luxury at Kadic, and a desk, which Jacob immediately put his bags and new laptop on. Jeremy had taken the initiative to download all of his programming onto Jacob's computer. He really was a computer nut, and Jeremy could see that they would get along real well.
"Thank's for the tour, Mr. Morales. This is a really nice establishment."
"Why, thank you. And please, call me Jim."
"I'll remember that, Jim," Jacob a dit as Jim closed the door, and it was immediately reopened as Odd crashed in.
"Hey, buddy!" he a dit as he looked around and sat on the freshly made bed. "Nice pad! And right suivant door too!"
"Yeah, at least they roomed me suivant to toi guys. I can't believe that I'm finally back in the real world!"
"Great, isn't it? Hey, come on, let's go to breakfast and then we'll get your class schedule from the Principal. Hopefully, you'll end up in some of our classes!"

At the cafeteria…
"Morning, everyone!" Odd a dit cheerfully as he and Jacob sat down suivant to Ulrich and Aelita, who blushed as Jacob sat down suivant to her.
"Morning," William a dit back.
"Morning!" Jeremy relpied as he finished a bite of scrambled eggs and smiled. "How are toi settling in, Jacob?"
"I'm okay, Einstein," the new boy replied. "It's all really different from my old school, back when I was in a school… But it's all really cozy. I like it."
"Hey, Ulrich, dear!" a familiar voice a dit as she came over to wreak havoc, as usual.
"And there goes the cozy," Odd a dit with a smirk as Sissy scowled.
"Why?" Jacob asked.
"Oh, don't listen to them! I'm Sissi Delmas, the Principal's daughter. I heard we had a new student. Except why toi would hang with these losers is beyond me," she added. Sissi had tried to fit into the gang, but of course, within a few weeks, she was back to her usual no-good, obsessed-with-herself self, and Ulrich had told her to get Lost from the group
"Hey!" Odd snapped.
"Calm down, Odd. I'll handle this," Jacob a dit as he got up and faced Sissi. "Look. I don't know who toi think toi are, but I'll hang with whoever I want to, and it's really none of your business. And oh, par the way, I think you've got Friends already."
"What?" she snapped as she turned around and saw Herve and Nicolas gawking at her. "Get lost, toi losers! Ughh!" she growled as she stormed off and Jacob sat back down.
"And that takes care of that!" he smiled.
"Wow, nice work, Jacob," Ulrich grinned. "I thought her father was the only one who could make her that mad!"
"I have my ways," he laughed.
"So what's your schedule look like?" Odd asked as Jacob ate a mouthful of eggs.
"Um…I've got Science in the morning with Mrs. Hertz…"
"You'll be with us, then," Jeremy said.
"Phys Ed with Jim before lunch…"
"With us," Odd said. "Well, except for Einstein. He hates Gym, so he never shows!"
"Hey!" Jeremy scowled.
"And after lunch I've got Italian…"
"They couldn't get him into another language class, so Delmas slotted him with Yumi and me," William explained.
"And I end with Math. Ugh…what a boring way to end the day."
"Don't worry about it, you're with Jeremy and Aelita then, so you're guaranteed to pass!" Ulrich smiled as Jeremy and Aelita blushed. Upon hearing the warning bell, the group got up, and Odd said, "That's the bell. Don't want to be late!"

In Science…
"Now, class, who can tell me what makes an element radioactive?" Jacob's hand immediately shot up before Jeremy ou Aelita could even react. Mrs. Hertz looked flustered as she said, "Yes?"
"An element is radioactive because of the addition of neutrons in the nucleus, which makes the isotope unstable and causes it to give off radioactive energy," Jacob smiled as he finished.
"That was a textbook answer, and absolutely right! Wow," Mrs. Hertz smiled. "Class, if toi didn't know, this is Jacob Matthews; he's a new student at Kadic Academy. Belpois, Stones, looks like toi might have some competition!" she finished as Jacob turned and winked at the two of them, who smiled back.

In Gym…
"Now, class, we would like to extend a warm welcome to Jacob, who is our newest student here at Kadic Academy. And as such, he is going to be our guinea pig for today's lesson. Today, we're going to the climbing walls! Jacob, as you're the guinea pig, toi can go first." At this, a look of fear and hesitation crept into Jacob's eyes, and he stuttered, "I—I—"
"Now, now, if you're a little scared, it's okay. You'll do fine." But that look of terror and nervousness would not leave Jacob's eyes as he slowly staggered towards the mur and grabbed hold of one of the rocks. He got his footing and lifted his right foot, and as he did, his pants leg shifted up enough for a glimpse of metal rods to be visible for just a moment, and a few murmurs rippled through the class as he tried to climb, but when he tried to place pressure on his right foot to go upward, he slipped and cried out as he came crashing down on the mat!
"Jacob!" Odd gasped as he and Ulrich ran over to him.
"Ow…" Jacob groaned as he winced and laid a hand on his ankle.
"You alright, buddy?" Ulrich asked as Jacob shook his head to clear the stars from his vision.
"Yeah…my ankle hurts though," he said. "I shouldn't have done that."
"Jim! I think Jake needs to go to the infirmary to get this leg checked out!" Ulrich a dit as Odd helped Jacob slowly to his feet. When Jake tried to put weight on the foot, he growled in pain and jerked it off the ground.
"Yeah, Della Robbia, help him down to the nurse. Uh…Belpois," Jim said, now looking guilty that an accident had happened in his class. "Why don't toi have a go?"

In the nurse's office, Odd slowly helped Jacob into a bed, and almost immediately a nurse came over to attend to him.
"Oh, dear, your first jour and toi have an accident like this. Oh, I feel terrible for you, hon…" she a dit softly. "Now why don't toi pull up that pant leg so we can see if there's been any damage done, hmm?" Jacob started to do as she had asked, but stopped when he saw Odd looking at him with a questioning look on his face. "Odd, don't freak out, okay?"
"Of course not! What do toi take me for, a wimp?" Odd snapped cheerfully back as Jacob rolled up his pant leg to reveal a series of metal bars forming a brace around his right ankle. One of the bars was bent and appeared to be putting pressure on his ankle. "It's a brace; it helps my foot stay straight so I can walk. I was born with a defect," he explained. "It must have gotten damaged when I fell…"
"Well, let's slide it off here so we can have a look," the nurse a dit as she slid it off and gently probed his ankle. "Hmm…well, it doesn't appear to be broken, just bruised. I don't think toi should have a ton of trouble walking on it, but toi should ice it for a little while, okay?"
"Okay. Thanks," Jacob smiled as Odd helped him up and tied an ice pack around his ankle. "C'mon, I'll help toi back to your room. I think toi need to stay off that foot a while."

On Lyoko, in the Mountain Sector, a static hiss was heard as the glow around a Tower turned red…

In the real world, a shadowy spectre floated out of an electrical outlet and headed for the Academy, where it searched until it found the nurse who had treated Jacob and possessed her quickly. The Eye of XANA sparked in her eyes as she went on the hunt to find the gang…

"What?" Jacob asked as he heard a beeping from his room. Odd quickly opened the door and Jacob hobbled over to his laptop. He quickly opened it and saw the SuperScan pick up an activated tower.
"Oh, crud, now I'm gonna miss lunch!" Odd sighed as he picked up his phone and called Jeremy. "Jeremy?"
""Yeah, Odd, what's wrong?"
"Activated tower. We need to get to the Factory."
"Okay. I left my laptop in my room par accident this morning so it's a good thing toi and Jacob found out. We just got out of classes so I'll get the others and meet toi two at the Factory."
"Okay," Odd a dit as he turned around to see Nurse Corazon behind him. "Oh, toi came to check on Jacob?" he asked as she fired a bolt of electricity, hitting him in the chest. "Ungh!" Odd groaned as Jacob turned with a start.
"Odd!" he cried as the XANA-fied nurse picked him up and delivered a shock through his body that was enough to make him see stars…

At the Factory, Yumi called Odd again and got no answer. "I hope they're all right."
"If XANA's attacking, maybe they're the targets. We need to deactivate that Tower in a hurry! Get to the scanners," Jeremy a dit as he ran to the computer.

Transfer Yumi, Transfer Ulrich, Transfer William.
Scanner Yumi, Scanner Ulrich, Scanner William.

The three Warriors landed on Lyoko, and William took a few moments to look at himself. He was wearing the sleek silver bodysuit that he had worn before XANA had possessed him, and was wielding his Zweihander, which had Lost the black vines that had wrapped around the hilt during XANA's possession. "Awesome. I'm back," he smiled.

Transfer Aelita.
Scanner Aelita.

A few moments later, Aelita joined the three Warriors, and Jeremy a dit from overhead, "The activated Tower is North-Northeast. I'm materializing your vehicles!" he added as the Overbike and Overwing appeared after a moment. "William, I've created one for you, too," he added as a new vehicle which looked like a silvery, translucent disc appeared in front of him. It levitated off the ground like Odd's Overboard did, and William hopped onto it without hesitation. "This is the Overdisc. Enjoy!" Jeremy smiled as William took off behind the other two vehicles.
"Jeremy, it sounds like we've got company," Yumi a dit with a growl as she heard a faint buzzing.
"Yeah, you've got a swarm of Hornets on your tail! Get moving!" he a dit as the three vehicles took off towards the Tower. As they approached, Yumi a dit to Aelita, who was riding on the Overwing, "Last stop, Princess," as she descended towards the path leading to the Tower. Aelita jumped off and landed gracefully, waiting for Ulrich and William to arrive when suddenly, a barrage of lasers impacted around her and she quickly jumped out of the way.
"Energy Field!" she cried as she charged and released an orb, hitting the nearest frelon, hornet and causing it to explode.
"Guys, you've got plus trouble!" Jeremy a dit as William and Ulrich landed behind Aelita.
"We see the Tarantulas," Ulrich grimaced as he and William stood back to back. "On three?" he asked.
"Three!" William yelled as he and Ulrich ran towards the Tarantulas, blocking lasers with their swords.
"Hi-yahh!" Yumi yelled as she threw her fans towards the swarm, but they flew out of the way and successfully evaded them. "Ah!" she groaned as one of the Hornets hit her in the shoulder.
"Yumi, toi just Lost twenty life points! Be careful!" Jeremy warned.
"I'm trying; it's not easy in here!" she a dit as she gritted her teeth. "Maybe toi should try it sometime!" she a dit as she threw her fans again and this time took out two of the Hornets.
"Super Sprint!" Ulrich grunted as he gained speed and jumped headlong towards one of the Tarantulas. "Hah, Impact!" he yelled as he thrust his sword through the Eye on its forehead, causing it to crouch in agony and explode. "Yes—uh…" he groaned as a laser to his back caused him to devirtualize. William saw this, and quickly threw his Zweihander at the Tarantula, just as it fired at him. The shot worked, as it sliced off the Tarantula's head and caused it to explode, but William couldn't dodge the laser shots in time and was devirtualized as well.
"Urgh!" he groaned as he slammed his fist against the side of the Scanner once he had been rematerialized.

"Gahhhh!" Jacob screamed as another surge of electricity sparked through him. As the XANA-fied nurse grabbed a chair and threatened to smash it into him, Odd tackled her forcefully to get her away from Jacob.
"Nobody messes with my friends!" he yelled as he put her into a headlock. But with XANA's powers she was too much for him and threw him off against the wall, after which he blacked out as she turned back to Jacob…

"Come on, Yumi! We're running out of time!" Jeremy a dit as she and Aelita continued to try and fight off the Hornets.
"Jeremy, I'm doing all I can!" she shot back as she threw her fans again towards the pair of Hornets, who evaded them and shot her in the back.
"Thirty life points left, Yumi!"
"Hi-yahh!" she yelled as she threw her fans again, and this time managed to take out one of the Hornets, but the other one was too quick for her, and before she could attack again, fired at the Overwing and devirtualized it, causing Yumi to gasp as she began to fall, and when she impacted the rocks, was devirtualized on contact.
"Oww…" she a dit as she rubbed her back once she had reappeared in the Scanner.

Meanwhile, Aelita had almost managed to reach the Tower when the last frelon, hornet came after her, firing as fast as it could. She managed to evade most of the shots, but one managed to hit her foot, tripping her and causing her to fall. She managed to flip around quickly, and just as it closed in and was set to feu again, she cried, "Energy Field," and at such close proximity, it could not evade the blast, and exploded.
"All right, Aelita!" Jeremy crowed as she got up and ran for the Tower.
Aelita ran into the Tower and made it to the center of the bottom platform in a hurry. She focused, and began floating up to the seconde platform…

Meanwhile, Jacob was being continuously shocked as the XANA-fied nurse had him par his throat. He gurgled something inaudible as his vision began to go blurry…

Aelita landed on the seconde platform and walked to the Interface. She placed her hand on it, and the screen lit up, recognizing her.

Jacob let out one last scream as Odd began to move, but the spectre just fired a bolt towards him too, and he cried out in pain…


"So this is what its like to die…" Jacob thought.


"I tried, Jeremy…" Odd thought to himself. "But I couldn't save him."


Jacob's vision began to go black as he began to give up the struggle to stay conscious…


Aelita watched as the screens began to fall around her, and she said, "Tower deactivated."

"Ungh…" the nurse groaned as the spectre left her and she passed out on the floor. She dropped Jacob to the floor, and he shuddered as he drew in a raspy breath. Odd finally was able to get a hand on his cell phone, which he had dropped upon the nurse appearing, and with shaking fingers dialed Jeremy.
"Odd! Where are toi guys? Are toi okay?" he asked immediately.
"Jacob's hurt," Odd whispered croakily. "We need a Return Trip. Fast," he breathed as Jeremy was already punching the keys.

"Return to the Past, now!" Jeremy yelled as the familiar white bubble enveloped the surrounding area, and as Odd saw it coming towards Jacob's room, he smiled as he finally passed out…

In Gym…
"Now, class, we would like to extend a warm welcome to Jacob, who is our newest student here at Kadic Academy. And as such, he is going to be our guinea pig for today's lesson. Today, we're going to the climbing walls! Jacob, as you're the guinea pig, toi can go first." At this, a look of fear and hesitation crept into Jacob's eyes, and he stuttered, "I—I—"
"Now, now, if you're a little scared, it's okay. You'll do fine." But that look of terror and nervousness would not leave Jacob's eyes as he slowly reached down and pulled up his pants leg and revealed his metal brace to the students, who gasped and murmured.
"I've got a problem with my foot, Jim. It might not be a smart idea."
"Oh, ok then, that's understandable," Jim stammered as he thought quickly. "Ok then, Belpois! To the climbing walls! Since toi finally decided to montrer up," Jim added as Aelita and Odd laughed.
"See? This is why I hate Gym class!" Jeremy scowled. "It's always me!" he complained as the class burst out into laughter.