Here is a fanfiction on what I think happened after the end of Code Lyoko.

Written par my Brother.

I do not own Code Lyoko, but my brother owns Jacob.

They thought they had beaten XANA...
They thought it was over...
They were wrong...

Episode 96: Requiem

"Ahh!" Aelita screamed as she woke with a start in her dorm, drenched in sweat and shaking from head to toe. The nightmares were back. It had been three months since they had shut down the Supercomputer, but she couldn't get the visions out of her head. Every night she would dream about that last stand on Lyoko; about her father giving his life to stop XANA; about being chased through the woods towards the Factory; about her Friends disappearing from her life. She slowly sat up in her lit and looked out the window at the soft moonlight blanketing the ground outside, before getting up and walking slowly to the door. When she opened it, a familiar dark-haired face was staring very crossly at her.
"Some of us are trying to sleep, toi know!" Sissi snapped as Aelita looked at her feet, embarrassed.
"I know; I'm sorry, Sissi. I was having a nightmare."
"Again?" she asked, confused. "That's twice this week. Are toi okay?"
"I think so. I just need to catch my breath," Aelita replied in a whisper.
"Okay. Well, try to keep it down."
"Okay. Good night," Aelita a dit as she shut the door behind her and went for a walk…

Outside, on the Kadic grounds, Aelita was walking in the moonlight and thinking to herself about everything that had happened over the past couple months. She was thinking about her father. She wanted for there to be a way for him to still be alive. As she continued to pace par the crossroads, she jumped when a hand rested on her shoulder, and she calmed a bit when she saw who it belonged to.
"I thought I might find toi here," Odd a dit quietly. "Is everything okay, Princess?"
"I guess," she replied in a whisper. "I had the nightmares again. I was thinking about my father."
"Again? Aelita, are toi sure everything's all right?"
"I don't know… Something just hasn't felt right ever since we shut off the Supercomputer a couple months ago. Just…like something's been left unfinished."
"Princess, we did it. We stopped XANA. Everything's going back to normal."
"But it's not…not for me. toi all had someone to come accueil to," she a dit with tears in her eyes. "I Lost my father. I have no one now," she finished, her voice breaking as she ran into Odd's arms and he hugged her.
"Shh…" he said. "It'll be okay. No matter what happens, you'll always have us. I promise…"

The suivant morning, albeit a little late, Jeremy finally joined Odd, William, Ulrich, Yumi, and Aelita at breakfast.
"Morning, everyone!" he a dit cheerfully as he sat down with his tray of food.
"Morning, Einstein!" Odd replied.
"Morning, Jeremy," Ulrich mumbled around a mouthful of food.
"Good morning, Jeremy," Aelita said, trying to keep cheerful, but Jeremy saw through it in an instant.
"What's wrong, Aelita?"
"Oh, nothing," she replied, suddenly very interested in her eggs.
"Come on, I know toi better than that. What is it?" he asked again.
"I—I had the dreams again last night," she finally replied quietly.
"What, Aelita, again?" Ulrich asked in surprise.
"Yes," she answered.
"Oh, no…" William muttered as he looked sadly at her.
"The same ones?" Jeremy asked her curiously.
"Yes. Of my father, and toi all fading away. I can't take it anymore; I wish I knew what it meant!"
"It's probably nothing. I really thing they will go away, Aelita."
"What if they don't? What if it's XANA?" she asked.
"I don't—"
"Jeremy," she cut him off, "do toi think there's a chance my father is still alive? That these visions are some type of omen ou warning from him?"
"No. He sacrificed himself to power the multi-agent system. There's no trace of him left. We checked, remember?"
"I know. But we could have missed something; we could have—"
"Aelita, I'm sorry," Jeremy stopped her. "He's gone."
"No!" she shot back. "I refuse to accept that he's dead! And if toi won't do anything about it, then I'll do it without you!" she cried as she threw out her tray and ran off.
"Real smooth, Einstein," Ulrich a dit sarcastically.
"Yeah," Odd agreed. "You really do need to be a little bit gentler with her," he a dit as Jeremy just groaned and pushed his nourriture away.

Aelita ran crying up to her room and slammed the door shut as she threw herself down on her lit and sobbed. She would not believe that her father was gone! He couldn't be! And her "friends" didn't even want to help her. Fine, then! She would handle it on her own.
She grabbed a pair of clothes and went to the girls' showers, taking a stall and turning the hot water on, letting it wash over her and letting the heat calm her down a little bit. She took a couple of deep breaths and let a few plus tears run down her face before cleaning herself up and quickly slipping out the back door on the first floor. It was time to go searching…

In Mrs. Hertz's class…
"Della Robbia?"
"Here, Mrs. Hertz."
"Stones?" No answer. "Aelita?"
"Uh…she's not here, Mrs. Hertz," Yumi said, slightly flustered. "I saw her this morning at breakfast, but I don't know where she went…"
"Very well. We'll just have to start without her. Now…" Jeremy let Mrs. Hertz's voice fade out as possible scenarios ran through his head. She wouldn't be that stupid, would she?

Aelita ran through the woods until she came to the rusted gates of the Hermitage. She ran quickly inside up to her room and found Mr. Puck hidden in a hole in the mur of her room. She hugged the little doll before sitting on the floor of her old bedroom and taking out her laptop. She quickly powered it on and scanned through the different programs until she came to the one she needed. She activated it as suddenly, a message appeared on her screen…
"Aelita…come quickly. Help…me……"
"Daddy?" she called out, seeing the words on the screen and instantly feeling a rush of adrenaline.
"I need you. Hurry…"
"I'm coming, Daddy!" she cried as she grabbed her things quickly and ran downstairs towards the sewer entrance near the Hermitage…
She raced quickly through the sewer paths before climbing up the ladder that exited onto the Factory bridge. Once she got to the lift entrance, she hit the button to take her to the Laboratory, and when she got to the Lab, she sat down and quickly punched open a program on her laptop. As soon as she had done that, a window appeared with a message in it, and beside the message was an image of Aelita's father!
"Aelita, listen carefully," she read aloud. "I don't have much time. My power is dwindling and I need an energy source if I'm to remain alive. toi must restart the Supercomputer. It is the only way! Hurry!!!"
"Daddy, I'm coming!" she cried as she raced down to the basement room where the Supercomputer was housed. Trembling when she arrived, she took a long look at it, and then, thinking only of her father, she flipped the switch and watched as the Supercomputer rose out of the floor cavern where it was housed. She then took the lift back upstairs and went over to the Supercomputer displays, sitting down in Jeremy's chair and putting on the headset as everything came to life again. Once the screens were lit, she began scanning the Holomap and the Network when suddenly, a red exclamation point shot up onto the screen. She jumped as her fingers flew across the screen, trying to find the problem, when all of a sudden; another message window appeared on the screen.
"Thank you, Aelita. Now toi can rest assured that toi have just reawakened your worst nightmare!!" As Aelita read these words, she screamed in shock and horror as the Eye of XANA appeared on the screen and the dormant SuperScan immediately came to life as XANA activated a Tower. Knowing that she couldn't alert the others, Aelita used shaking fingers to disable the SuperScan after getting the coordinates of the Tower and started the automatic virtualization sequence. She raced down to the scanners and slipped in before the doors closed, allowing the white light to envelop her before she appeared on Lyoko in Sector Five.

Meanwhile, back at Kadic, Jeremy and the gang were getting very concerned about Aelita…
"I don't know where she could be; this isn't like her!" Jeremy whispered to Ulrich.
"I know," Ulrich replied softly, making sure Mrs. Hertz wasn't paying attention. "Something's not right."
"But where would she have gone?" Odd asked a little too loudly as Mrs. Hertz looked their way.
"Della Robbia? Something toi want to share?"
"No, ma'am," Odd stammered. "Nothing at all."
"Very well, just please, please pay attention!" she growled as she went back to lecturing. As soon as she was facing the board and paying no attention, Odd a dit to Jeremy, "We need to find her!"
"I know," Jeremy a dit quietly as he was suddenly distracted par a soft beeping from his backpack. "What the—?" he whispered as he quietly pulled his laptop out of his bag and opened it. "Oh, no, this can't be—it's not possible!!" he hissed.
"What is it?" Ulrich asked in concern.
"It's—it's—XANA!" Jeremy said, his voice breaking.
"What?" Odd gasped.
"We have to get to the Factory, now! Aelita's gone to Lyoko too! I knew this would happen…" Jeremy hissed as he raised his hand. "Mrs. Hertz, can I go to the infirmary? I think I ate some bad nourriture this morning and I'm not feeling well…"
"Very well. Stern, take Belpois down to the nurse."
"Mrs Hertz, can I go to the bathroom?" Odd asked suddenly.
"I—all right, fine, Della Robbia. But hurry back!" As soon as she had a dit this the three Friends slipped out of the classroom and ran for the park…
"Call Yumi and William, Ulrich! Tell them to meet us at the Factory!" Jeremy breathed as they ran.

In the 9th grade English class, Yumi and William were finishing a test when her phone buzzed in her pocket. She discreetly pulled it out and answered it quickly and quietly. "Jeremy? What's wrong? I—okay, we'll be right there," she whispered as she turned to William with a look on her face that he instantly understood, and the two quickly handed in their tests before racing for the park…

Meanwhile, on Lyoko, Aelita was being chased par Creepers and trying to maneuver a maze to gain access to the room with Sector Five's Tower, and she made a sudden turn but stopped with a start when she realized it was a dead end! She gasped as she turned around and saw five Creepers had her boxed in! She quickly fired an energy field that took out one Creeper, but was hit par a laser from one of the others. She jumped as she dodged another shot, and when they closed in, she closed her eyes and focused her mind as she laid a hand on the mur behind her, and just as the Creepers fired a barrage of lasers, she passed through the mur and resolidified it just as the lasers impacted the wall. Sighing, she ran down the path towards the Tower room, but was tripped when her leg was hit par another blast. She looked up to see a Manta hovering in the air in front of her and she jumped out of the way just in time as it fired another laser…

The rest of the gang raced for the lift when they arrived at the Factory, and when they reached the Laboratory, Jeremy looked at the readouts in horror…
"Aelita's being attacked par a Manta! She's in the Tower room, but she's only got 20 life points left!"
"Do we need to head for the scanners?" Odd asked.
"No! No one will make it in time! She's trapped!"

On Lyoko, Aelita was trying desperately to dodge the lasers from now two Mantas that were attacking her. Charging an energy field, she managed to take one of them out, but was hit again par laser feu from the other.
"She's only got five life points left!" Jeremy cried.
Aelita jumped back to dodge a laser while she charged one plus energy field, and took a step back to fire, but…she had reached the edge of the floor, and as she released the orb and watched it take out the Manta…she began to fall backwards…

"She's falling! AELITA!!!!" Jeremy cried as suddenly…

A figure raced out of the Tower and towards the edge as Aelita fell. She thought to herself, "So this is what the end is like…? And I never even got to save Daddy…" Suddenly, she felt a strong grip on her wrist, and she looked up to see a brown-haired boy about Ulrich's age with glasses and in a deep purple bodysuit holding her arm and beginning to pull her up until she was back safely on the path.

At the Factory, the others let out a pent-up sigh of relief as Aelita stopped falling.
"She's okay!" Jermey cried in relief.

Once Aelita was safely on the path, she looked at her rescuer's face, and she felt she recognized him…could it be? Yes! It was!
"You didn't think I would let toi fall, did you, Princess? Now, don't toi have a Tower to deactivate?" he asked with a smile as she got up and raced to the end of the path, jumping so that she collided with the Tower and passed safely through. She raced down to the center of the platform, and began floating up to the seconde platform, which she gracefully landed on. Walking up to the Interface, she placed her hand on the screen, and it beeped as it recognized her.
She sighed as she watched the screens fall around her, and said, "Tower deactivated."
Allowing herself to float back down to the first platform, Aelita looked up as a set of purple ripples appeared and her savior entered the Tower.
"We need to go somewhere we can talk, don't we?" she asked him instantly.
"Yes. And somewhere no one will overhear," he a dit as they dived into the sea of data below the platform and transported themselves to a hidden room off of the Celestial Dome, the place where they had met once before…

Back on Earth, Jeremy was trying frantically to locate Aelita and this new life form lire that had apparently saved her life.
"I don't believe it! First she restarts the Supercomputer; then she almost gets herself killed, and now she runs off with someone that shouldn't even be on Lyoko and that we don't even know about?!? When she gets back, I will personally wring her neck!!"
"Einstein, calm down, she had to have a good reason!" Yumi a dit as suddenly, Jeremy inadvertently opened the message window containing "Hopper's" message to Aelita.
"I don't believe this…XANA tricked her…she thought her father was still alive…" Jeremy sighed.
"You can't blame her," William a dit as he laid a hand on Jeremy's shoulder. "You would have done the same thing if it were you."
"I know…" he sighed.

Back on Lyoko, Aelita and her hero were now safely in a room of Sector Five that blocked communications and Holomap readings, so they could not be discovered.
"Do toi remember me?" he asked.
"Of course, Jacob. We met before, in this same place if I'm not mistaken," she replied. "You never did tell me how toi came to be here on Lyoko. toi a dit toi were leaving here before we shut everything down…I had no idea we had trapped you…"
"Of course toi didn't know. It was my choice," he replied solemnly. "I stayed to ensure that everything would remain peaceful. I never realized that XANA would go to such trickery to revive himself…"
"He posed as my father and convinced me to restart the Supercomputer. I can't believe I was so stupid!"

"I've found them!" Jeremy crowed triumphantly. "They're in a hidden room in Sector Five! And they thought they could outsmart me! Odd, Ulrich, Yumi, head for the scanners! It's time to bring our fugitive home."

"So, as for why I was on Lyoko, as toi probably guessed, I'm not from here."
"So where are toi from?" Aelita asked quizzically.
"A long way away…" he replied. "I've been virtualized too long to remember exactly… I ran from the virtual world I came from before XANA took it over and destroyed it…"
"There was another world? Did toi have a Supercomputer?" she asked.
"Yes. My parents built it before I was born. They were government scientists paid to develop this project to create a virtual universe in which people could live safely. When it was finished, it was actually quite similar to Lyoko in a lot of ways. But, because it was connected to the Internet, XANA eventually found it, and absorbed its power before he finally had no further use for it and destroyed it. I barely managed to escape. My parents weren't so lucky…"
"Oh…I'm so sorry…"
"It's okay," he replied, waving a hand as if to clear the air. "Anyways, I wandered the World Network for I don't know how long…until my ship finally came into contact with a life signal… I followed it, and eventually, he spoke to me…"
"Who?" Aelita asked.
"Your father. Franz Hopper."
"What?!?" Aelita choked. "You met my father?"
"Only once. He led me here, to Lyoko, and found a place for me to hide where I would be sûr, sans danger until XANA was no longer a threat. That's why when the multi-agent system was launched, I came out of hiding, and eventually came across you. I knew that I would be safe."
"But…? So toi couldn't have left even if toi wanted to before we shut the Supercomputer down. toi had nowhere to go. Why didn't toi tell me? I could have helped you! We could have gotten toi out of here."
"Perhaps because I didn't trust much of anyone at that point…" Jacob sighed. "But I trust you, Aelita. Will toi get me out of here?"
"Yes, of course. We'll just have to hook toi up to our materialization program and you'll be out of here in no time!" Just as she a dit this, Odd fell through the fake mur disguising the room, and as soon as he looked up and saw the two standing in front of him, yelled back, "I found them!" After a moment, Ulrich and Yumi came through the wall. "Princess, toi have a lot of explaining to do!" Odd said.
"I know, but first, this is Jacob. He's been a fugitive from XANA for a long time and he's been hiding on Lyoko. He told me my father brought him here."
"Hopper brought toi here?" Yumi asked incredulously.
"Yes. It's nice to meet all of you, really, but I want to get out of here for a while. I'm tired of virtual surroundings."
"Let's go," she replied, and, taking Jacob's hand, the five walked back through the mur and headed for the Arena.
"Aelita!" Jeremy a dit quickly as they reappeared on the Holomap. "Are toi crazy?!?"
"Jeremy, toi have every right to be mad at me," she a dit quietly, hanging her head. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have gotten tricked. But right now I need toi to link Jacob with the materialization system. We need to get him out of here."
"Jacob?" Jeremy asked.
"Yes. He's the one who saved my life. He's a fugitive from XANA. My…my father saved his life." After she a dit this, a long silence followed until Jeremy said, "Okay. Any friend of your father's is a friend of ours. I'll bring toi all in." He tapped a few keys, and then Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi vanished, leaving Aelita and Jacob alone for a few moments.
"Aelita, there's something I forgot to tell you…"
"It can wait. As soon as Jeremy brings me back to Earth, I'll help him with the program, and you'll be out of here."
"Okay," Jacob sighed as Aelita disappeared.

"Aelita, we'll talk about this later, okay?" Jeremy a dit crossly. "I don't like what toi did, but I don't blame you. I think any one of us would have done the same thing. Right now…" Jeremy tapped a few plus keys, "And it's done! Jacob's hooked up to the materialization program! I'm bringing him in!"
"To the scanner room, quick!" Aelita said.

Down at the scanners, Aelita waited nervously, with everyone else standing back, as the doors finally opened and the nuage of steam finally cleared…and huddled on the floor in a little ball was Jacob, the boy that had saved her life. He shook a bit before he finally looked up and saw Aelita and the gang, and Aelita ran over and hugged him, helping him up slowly.
"Welcome to Earth, Jacob," she a dit with a smile. "And before I forget, thank toi for saving me!"

"So, all in favor of Jacob becoming a Lyoko Warrior?" Jeremy asked. Five hands immediately went up. Jeremy added his, which made six. "That's unanimous. Welcome to the club, Jake!"