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Little Mix
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 My PerriePie ღ
My PerriePie ღ

From the moment I met toi everything changed!

When I first I met I knew I wanted to be your friend, cause toi were so friendly, kind and most of all beautiful!
But now I know toi are even plus than that.You are my my perfect little princess!And if I had to describe toi right now we would be here for years!
Your one of a kind, and one reason we are so close is because we share so many interests
-we're forever directioners, mixers, twihards & brats!

I will never know how toi are so perfect but I will always no that toi ARE perfect!And I wouldn't have it any other way

We are Perrie & Dani besties! No one will ever change that! ♥

'You're perfect in every way it's in your D-D-D-DNA!'

Thanks for taking care of me, listening to what I have to say and most of all being my bestie!

I could never ever forget you!

l’amour toi my Perrie princess forever! ♥
 We're birds of a feather, this is my oath to toi ♥
We're birds of a feather, this is my oath to you ♥
 No matter what silly thing I have to say, thank toi for listening!
No matter what silly thing I have to say, thank you for listening!
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Idk about toi but i l’amour thisss <33
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This article is dedicated
to my beatiful friend ,
Cleo which is the best
greek girl i know :)
No many people have
find that person who
complete their hearts , but I got.

I remember when I first
talked to her . She had
a Kristen Steward icone
and we start talking ,
I knew we'd be close friends
but I never expecting we
would became the best one :)

If toi dont know , she is
one of most beatiful girls
alive , she is my Rapunzel
cause she got
really long long hair :)xx

She is really fun and she
can made up your day.
So if toi ever feel low ,
clicklink and talk to her. No need for anything else.

She means...
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