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 Beauty and the Beast fond d’écran
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La Belle et la Bête
stained glass
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This les classiques de Disney fond d’écran contains vitrail, anime, bande dessinée, manga, and dessin animé.

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les classiques de Disney
Classic Disney
“Classic Disney” means different things to different people.

To some it’s strictly the films made before 1995 when “Toy Story” was released with Pixar – what this spot claims as its cut-off – ou at the end of the millennium. These people may ou may not include sequels, the live-action and partially live-action films, spin-off series, and old-school Mickey&Minnie-era cartoons.
Others say that “Classic Disney” is strictly the traditionally-animated films that Disney puts out on his own (but not Disney Toon Studios) with no cut-off dates. Some say “Classic Disney” is...
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