les classiques de Disney haut, retour au début 12 Most Memorable Classic Scenes

AllegroGiocoso posted on Dec 06, 2009 at 07:22AM
Pick twelve scenes that you think are very memorable and represent Classic Disney well in any movie from Snow White to Tarzan.

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il y a plus d’un an LisaForde said…
I loved alot of them
il y a plus d’un an ppv said…
not in order
1-dancing Beast and Belle in her yellow gown while Mrs.Potts is singing "Beauty and the Beast" - it's fantastic scene!!!
2-dancing Aurora and Phillip while Chaikovsky's waltz is playing and fairies can't decide what colour Aurora's gown should be
3-in "The Lion King" when Rafiki shows animals' new future king Simba and fantastc music plays
4-Snow White and animals tidy dwarf home and sing funny song
5-kiss in "Snow White"
6-kiss in "Sleeping Beauty"
7-dancing Cinderella and Charming
8-when Beast is dying and Belle cries
9-Cinderella and Fairy - hilarious scene
10-that fight between Scar and Mufasa
11-when Cinderella loses her glass slipper
12-My favourite moment, I don't know why, in "Beauty and the Beast" their snowball fight, especially when Belle is over the tree and is looking at the Beast - love this moment!!!

Oh it was hard and I'm sure tommorow I'd write about another moments :)
il y a plus d’un an Ivyzero said…
That's a lot to type so I'll say one........all of Them
il y a plus d’un an DreamyGal said…
Not in any order...
1. Beauty & the Beast- After the ballroom scene they walk out to the balcony and they sit down on the ledge. Belle looks down at starts playing with her dress b/c she's shy and doesn't know what to say. It makes Belle seem more human to me.
2. Dumbo- The "Baby of Mine" scene...makes me cry everytime!
3. Cinderella- At the end when the glass slipper breaks and the stepmother thinks she has won, and Cinderella whips out the other glass slipper.
4. The Little Mermaid- After Ariel gets her legs and Scuttle dresses her up in that horrible outfit, she's sitting on a rock and sees Prince Eric and she nervously starts fixing her hair...classic!
5. Pocahontas- The first time John Smith sees her by the misty waterfall.
6. Sleeping Beauty- The kiss at the end...how romantic is that?
7. Cinderella- The scene where the Fairy Godmother transforms her dress. I read somewhere that that was one of Walt's favorite scenes as well!
8. Pinocchio- The end where he becomes a real boy.
9. Beauty and the Beast- The transformation at the end.
10. Lady & the Tramp- The Bella Note scene.
11. Snow White- The kiss at the end.
12. Cinderella- The wedding at the end when she gets her happily ever after.