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DarkSarcasm posted on May 03, 2015 at 06:17AM
(We're starting at Round 1 instead of picking up where the last contest left off, because our rules are quite different.)

The Basics:
-Participants will have seven days to make and submit one icon that fits the week's theme, then vote for their favorite.
-Rounds will end and new ones will begin on Sundays. (According to US time, so this is probably Monday for those of you on the other side of the globe.)
-Icons should be 200x200 pixels and made by you.
-I repeat, made by you. This is a make-your-own contest, not a google-and-submit-someone-else's-work contest.
-Vote for the best icon, not your favorite movie or user. Do not vote for yourself.
-Anyone found using an icon that they didn't make, or rigging the picks, will pay dearly.

Can I participate?
Will you follow the rules? Will you make your own icon? Do you promise not to cheat in any way?
If you answered yes to all of these questions, then YES, you are welcome to participate!

Which movies can I use?
We will be going by the spot's motto, "The Disney Masterpieces before the Pixar Era." If your movie is pre-Pixar, go for it. (link is that Tarzan was the last classic.)

I'll be glad to answer any questions!

link - misanthrope86
link - Bibi69 & misanthrope86
link - DarkSarcasm
link - DarkSarcasm
link - misanthrope86
link - DarkSarcasm
link - DarkSarcasm & misanthrope86
link - DarkSarcasm
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