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milky-way posted on Jun 11, 2013 at 11:54PM
Hi guys! The idea of this game is to state a movie, which the next person who posts will give a quick review of. That person then says which movie they would like the next person to review, and so on.

- The movie must be one of the 52 Disney animated feature films (from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to Wreck-It Ralph).
- Do not suggest or review movies that have not yet been released (eg. Frozen). When a new movie is released in cinemas and you are asked to review it, please write SPOILER in capital letters before you begin your review. This should be done until that movie is released on DVD/Blu-ray.
- Your review should be more than one line - tell us what you liked, what you think could have been improved, who you would recommend it to, etc. You can say whatever you wish, and you can write a whole page if you have the inclination to do so!
- If you haven't seen the film the previous person asked about (or simply can't remember it) then please give your opinion on whether you think it would be good or not, and which aspects of it might make you want to see it. Watching a trailer for the movie might be helpful. Simply saying "I've never heard of it" will just make this game boring. Alternatively, you can just wait until someone asks about a movie you have seen.
- Don't forget to give a movie at the end for the next person to review!

For example, if someone asks me to review The Little Mermaid, I might say:
"I've loved this film since I first saw it as a child! I love many of the characters, especially Ariel and Max, and the songs are wonderful! My favourite is Under the Sea, that entire scene really shows off what Disney can do. However, the biggest disappointment would have to be the animation - considering the underwater setting, they could have made the scenery so much more beautiful, but instead they stuck to washed-out grey colours. But overall, it's a great movie!"

Be as in-depth in your discussion as you like, and feel free to comment on other people's reviews to discuss them further. You can even add a picture if you like.

Movie: Pinocchio
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