les classiques de Disney Was Gaston actually evil?

MegaraRider posted on Feb 21, 2012 at 01:15PM
Yes, Gaston was arrogant and the whole thing with Maurice was a jerk move, but was Gaston actually evil?

What do you think?

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il y a plus d’un an Efee said…
He wasn't pure angel, but a complete evil? Not sure. Though his idea of putting Belle's father in mad house, wasn't the nicest idea ever. Other than this... He didn't do anything too unreasonable.

Okay, he's an arrogant guy. And he had a good reason. He was an excellent hunter, the manlier man of all, loved by both man and women.
Yes, he's not intectual. But is there any other intelectual character in the movie except for Belle and her father? And I'm not sure how much Belle was intelectual (she knew to read, but Gaston never said a think about not knowing to read. And even understanding a book from the pictures alone is something (I guess).

He wanted to marry the one he loved. Yes, he was a bit brute about it and didn't really ask her, but we already said he's an arrogant guy. And by his talk to Belle, he's shovinist as well, but that was pretty common back then.

When he heard Belle fell in love with another, he got jealous. But he himself said that teh beast is fangerous. Gaston, like the other town's people, coudltn' except the fact that such monsterous creature could do any good. Isn't it normal to worry? Gaston shows leadership and courage.

Really, bit of changes and Gaston could be the tragic hero of the story.

To sum it up, the only place Gaston is really "evil" (cause Disney really loves to make black and white movies), is about him trying to put Morris in mad house. But who said he really wanted to that? Just another way to make his dream come true (not the best way, though).