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Christmas Question

is there any way to stop my brother saying that christmas is all about how many presants he gets?

siriously, after 10 christmases, it gets REALLY annoying. i want to persuade him it is the thought that counts, not the number of stuff he gets
 i-luv-jazz-hale posted il y a plus d’un an
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Christmas Réponses

llexci said:
Well, suivant year, don't buy him anything :D
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posted il y a plus d’un an 
I agree! Just dont buy him anything <3
caligurl16 posted il y a plus d’un an
mtoll4 said:
LOL! Well, he's a kid right? Hard to understand what Christmas really is! I had the same problem with a cousin a few years ago!
I told him that he need to think about the kids who doesnt have anything! Not even a family! I told him a story about this little boy I think I a dit he was 7 years old, and he lived on the rue with his older brother who was about 16! And they didnt have anything, they barely had clothes.. No family, no money, no food, nothing! And that these boys wanted the same for Christmas, they wanted a home! I a dit that they didnt care about toys at all, because they didnt have anything at all, just eachother! So they just wanted a home. Even if it were just a garage to stay in. So when Christmas came, every night they asked Santa for a home! And then on Christmas Eve something magic happened! They saw this bright light a few blocks away, and they ran to it! And there, in a car sat a woman crying! So they boys knocked on the window and asked if she was okay. But she wasnt, she had Lost her husband one week earlier, and she was all alone on Christmas, and she was cœur, coeur broken! Then, the young boy began to comfort her, telling her that everything would be ok and all! And the woman felt better after a while, so she a dit thank toi and left! The boys sat down and looked at eachother, thankfully that they have eachother. Then the lady came back, and asked if they had any place to be, they hadnt! So she invited them to her place. And yes, she adopted them, and the boys got their home, and the lady found new l’amour again! Two children <3

I dont remember all the details though, but my cousin really loved it, and after this he has never only talked about Christmas presents!
Well of course some, he's still a boy! LMAO!
But yeah, I think it helped!

Merry Christmas <3
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posted il y a plus d’un an 
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