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 Aurora as Maleficent
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La Belle au Bois Dormant
La Belle au Bois Dormant
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Peter Pan
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I think I did this liste a long time ago, when I first joined Fanpop, but since then my opinion on things has slightly differed. Some female characters have stayed on their permanent spot, while others have been dropped off the line. Some new have been added.

What is consistent in this list, though, is that in general i l’amour female characters, especially the animated ones. When well written, I often find them to be very interesting and appealing characters (that may be due to me being a woman, but I don't want to follow cliched gendered stereotypes).

This liste may go into personal territories...
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Hello I'm NOT the Nostalgia Critic, I remembered it because no one else cares. As many of toi know I'm one of the few people who actually likes sequels. However I know a lot don't but I decided to makes a liste of what I think are the best animated sequels. Of course I'll be comparing them to the films that came before them whether they're not as hood, just as good, ou even better than their preceder. Now keep in mind this is just my opinion but please commentaire but don't be rude. Enjoy!

10.The Rescuers Down Under

In my opinion this is one of the most underrated Disney masterpieces. First...
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