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 Anastasia with short hair
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Okay I know I wrote an article about this on the Disney Princess Club, but it was awhile il y a so I decided to especially write this article for those of toi who are new and don't know me well, but if toi do toi can skip to the questions that are created for this club.

My nom d’utilisateur is sweetie-94, I wanted a special nom d’utilisateur since this was the first site where I had to come up with a nom d’utilisateur that wasn't related to my real name.

My real name is Teresa which I read doesn't really have a true meaning, but according to that site it can mean huntress in latin.

I'm 18 years old, but I'll turn 19 September...
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posted by Safira-09
Here it finally is, my "Getting to know you" article :D

First some "basic" informations about me..

My nom d’utilisateur here is Safira-09, but feel free to call me Summer!
I´m 25 years old, but don´t look my age..more like 18... Since easter 2011 im a vegetarian, an odd jour to choose that lifestyle, i know XD
I´m studying bibliothèque and Information Management in Germany, Hamburg.
Most of my hobbies include at least some kind of creativity, like making plushes, dolls, charms out of clay and fabric..
But i´m also a gamer-girl, who loves almost every kind of game she can get her hands on.

I´m very passionate...
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I won't put any CGI movies, animé films ou Classic Disney films because I'd rather not mix them together ou else my head will explode.

10. Prince of Egypt

I l’amour dark and tragic movies, this one is beautiful and touching. There's something special and unique about it and I find the story very interesting. The animation and soundtrack are extraordinary. I wish I could put this movie higher but I enjoy watching the others more.

9. The Land Before Time

This was one of my favori films when I was little, it might be the nostalgia but I don't care. I think it has one of the saddest death...
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we're back: a dinosaur's story
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Dedicated to UnholyNoise, who has patiently waited for some PoE MBTI posts for a long time!

Extraverted Feeling (Fe): Miriam is above all else, sympathetic to the plights of others. Her own situation looks very bleak and hopeless but she still feels for others. Moses hurt her, and she still forgives him and is willing to give him l’amour and encouragement. She is frank and outspoken in every situation ("Aaron, toi shame yourself", "Ask the man toi call Father!"). She wants to help others and rather than making decisions based on personal values as a Fi user would, makes them based on what...
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Well! This was pretty overdue. I wrote my favori Disney Princesses liste years il y a (which I am now less than satisfied with, and may need to rewrite) but have done no articles ranking any general animated girls. So this might be a bit long, but I hope toi enjoy!

Honorable mentions:Eilonwy, The Chipettes, The Three Good Fairies, Flora, Tecna, Raven, Misty, Jane Porter, Captain Amelia, Wendy Darling, Pocahontas, Katrina van Tassel, Moana, Tiana, Lottie, Nakoma, Duchess and Marie, Marina, Miriam, Odette, Amalthea, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Jupiter, Sophie Hatter, Lorna, Honey Lemon,...
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