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La Belle et la Bête
La Belle et la Bête
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This héroïnes des dessins animés de l’enfance fan-art might contain portrait, headshot, gros plan, and closeup.

 If only he were female... Wait, what? No, that'd be weird. I never a dit that! >:I
If only he were female... Wait, what? No, that'd be weird. I never said that! >:I
Now this was a bloody hard decision, but I finally got off my arse and kicked and screamed until these lot finally fell into some sort of order.
Just because a heroine isn't on this liste doesn't mean I don't l’amour her. I mean, heck, I am restricting myself to 10! This liste will be incredibly biased, bitchy and piss-taking. But toi guys enjoy that, so don't be hypocritical and moan...
Jesus fucking Christ, this advert is pissing me off. GO AWAY. NO, I WON'T PLAY POKER WITH YOU. STOP BECKONING SUGGESTIVELY. It's plus the way the animation keeps jolting back to the beginning like some shitty animatronic...
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Damn, making my haut, retour au début 10 animated films was harder than I thought! I have a feeling that I left out some, and there are some I would like to include but it's been a while that I haven't seen them, so the plus appropriate way to describe this liste is a rough draft of my favori animated films xD It's just really hard to make a favoris liste and give proper explanations. There many animated films that I love, but there only a couple that have stolen my cœur, coeur 💜

10) The Nightmare Before Christmas

Starting this liste is my favori Christmas (or Halloween) movie! I'm not a fan of stop motion...
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Angel - Rock & Rule - 1983

The narration at the beginning of the film states, " the war was over the only survivors were rue animals,dogs,cats and rats. From them a new race had evolved ". Then the narration states that in 1983, there was a nuclear World War 3, that has wipe out humanity and destroyed the world in mutated animaux have replaced humans. Mok, an aging yet legendary rock musician is chercher for very special voice that can unleash a powerful demon from another dimension. After traveling the world looking for the right voice, he returns to Ohotown his hometown.

Angel - She is...
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Hey! I made a Getting to know me article when I first joined here, but I decided to update it and why not in the CAMH style? So I hope toi enjoy it!

My name is Alexandra, but toi can call me Aly, I'm 14 years old and I live in beautiful Greece. I'm a bookworm and kind of a nerd, but I dislike school. I mean, I like the fact that I meet my Friends e.t.c. but generally I like to learn in my own ways and the pressure and anxiety I have everyday in school are horrible and I can't control them. I almost never study, but still manage to take very good grades (19 and 20 mostly, in Greece our grades...
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