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I wasn't sure if I should've posté this on the Disney club ou the Childhood Animated Heroines club but I finally decided on this one because it concentrates plus on the heroines' beauty. Plus I've already made my prettiest Non-Disney females article on here, so it's kind of a part 2 lol. Now I wouldn't want to leave out my Disney girls ;) including Non-Canon!

10. The Bimbettes
It was hard to choose between Babette and the Bimbettes... but the Bimbettes is a trio, so Babette didn't make the liste because she got outnumbered lol. I like that the trio act silly 24/7, yet still have beautiful faces...
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I know this liste may look controversial coming from me but I am just notoriously indecisive. Please don't be too hard on me haha ;)

10. Sailor Moon
I didn't get that much into the series but I am in l’amour with the character designs and costumes. Everyone is so cute and this boulette de viande head is the cutest IMO. I l’amour Serena's hairstyle, eyes and cheeks!
9. Emma Frost
Honestly, I don't really like how they drew Emma in Wolverine and the X-Men. Her looks are mesmerizing in most of the variety pack comics so I don't feel like the TV montrer did her justice. Although I'm just a big fan of her looks...
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This article is going to be very short because I'm just in wow with some of these outfits and am unable to describe them.

10. Sissi's Ball Gown
I l’amour the Hungarian design! Princess Sissi's outfits always look comfortable and feminine.

9. Lucille's La Seine Costume
What can I say? She looks like an Angel wearing this lol.

8. Anastasia's Blue Paris Dress
This flapper dress is cute and I l’amour the way the jupe moves when Anya twirls around. The blue color is lovely too!

7. Cinderella's Wedding Dress
This dress oozes in grace and elegance which makes it just stunning!

6. Odette's...
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