héroïnes des dessins animés de l’enfance Something toi can relate to with every heroine

scarletunicorn posted on Jan 28, 2016 at 07:33PM
Similar to the DP post in the forum, but with the heroines instead.
You don't need to list every heroine, just the ones you like/you find something you have in common with.

Jane Porter- We both like nature and the arts. And are a little awkward and kooky when socializing.

Odette- We're both romantics and like literature and the arts.

Megara- We both had a failed relationship in the past, more or less.

Alice- We're both somewhat prim and proper and love fantasizing way too much. We also have a soft spot for tea and rabbits.

Wendy- I tend to be motherly with kids. And in a group of friends i always try to be the "serious"/"mom" one.

Amalthea- We're both cold and aloof and have a hard time socializing. We're both also elegant and care for animals.

TBH most of my fave characters have little in common with me. I don't know if that's a good sign or a bad one.

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il y a plus d’un an AudreyFreak said…
Violet- probably the non-princess I relate to the most, by far, and always have. I identified with her strongly at her age (to the point that I also started wearing my hair in my face to be more like Vi). we're very introverted, independent, and hate being bossed around. we're very introspective and don't open up easily. (funny enough, invisibility is one of my favorite powers ever, and I also wish I had it.)

Tzipporah- Somehow, I really relate to her anger (and Jasmine's too). somehow I just relate to girls who don't get angry just because they're temperamental but anger that stems from a desire to see fairness and because we know our own worth (which hopefully doesnt sound pretentious). we're private with our emotions and don't need to talk about them to share deep bonds with people. also, her style is something I'd love to wear.

Eilonwy- we're resourceful and don't take well to sexism or general rudeness and our anger can flare a bit. we also love purple.

Lilo- now that I'm older I really see how much like Lilo I was as a kid. I was proud of who I was and didn't want to conform or be too similar to other people but at the same time I really wanted to connect with others, but I got made fun of for years for being "weird". (I liked reading and daydreaming which apparently makes you a weirdo?)

Jane P- we like drawing, love animals, silly and awkward but like being dignified at the same time. sometimes we get so caught up in the experience and beauty of something we arent that aware of our surroundings.

Marie- I related to her so much as a kid! we were slightly tomboyish with a big girly side. I was very proud and hated to let the boys beat me at anything.

Lady- protective of our loved ones, and we can be very cold when angry and hurt.
il y a plus d’un an UnholyNoise said…
Chel: loyal; I'm not adventurous like she is, but we have the same longing to be somewhere else.

Asenath: shy cat lady :)

Miriam: small, Jewish, and idealistic. Really sensitive to other people's pain, so we both have a hard time keeping our mouths shut whenever we see something unfair or cruel happening.

Tzipporah: guarded, quick-tempered, and fiercely protective of the people who matter to us.

Meg: we pretend to be a lot more jaded than we really are; cannot communicate without sarcasm

Marina: low tolerance for misogynistic dorks; can't stand to see people taking advantage of our friends. And I think we have a similar need to prove ourselves to the people who doubt us.
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il y a plus d’un an SarahCorine said…
Meg~I've been hurt enough to know how hard it is to trust again.

Aurora~I like to randomly dance and sing. Also I like to sleep.

Belle~I love to read and will not put up with boys like Gaston either.

Anna~I've known my share of Hans. =/

Jasmine~I will put you in your place if you think you have any say over me or my life

Rapunzel~Thinking when will my life begin?