héroïnes des dessins animés de l’enfance Non-Disney Heroines In Hogwarts Houses?

scarletunicorn posted on Dec 08, 2014 at 01:47AM
Based on the ever popular "Disney Princesses sorted in Hogwarts Houses" trope that's popular to analyze around in the fandom (here on Fanpop and other places like Deviantart and Tumblr), and on the fact that i've been reading Harry Potter lately, I felt inspired to do my own revision of my favorite Non-Disney girls and on which house they'd be sorted into. (even little head canons and AUs of them in the HP universe)

For those of you who don't know much about Harry Potter or his world in general, here's a quick recap of each house and the characteristics of their members.

So each house forms part of the magical school of Hogwarts, and students are selected into each house based on their personalities and what they value as characteristics.

Gryffindor- Values bravery, loyalty and chivalry. Its students are best known for jumping first into situations without thinking properly of the possible consequences.

Ravenclaw- Values curiosity, imagination, intelligence and knowledge. it's the home for both bookworms and daydreamers (for example, Luna Lovegood).

Hufflepuff- Values hard work, dilligence, and loyalty. People usually mock Hufflepuffs for being the "weakest" house, but in the later years people have begun to appreciate more the good values of the house.

Slytherin- Values ambition and cunning. Sadly this house has been filled since its inception by blood supremacists and racists, and the house has never properly been allowed to show its good aspects (often it's considered the "villain house" of the school), but I think there are good elements to be found in this house.

Sooo....With that said, here's my thought concerning personal favorites of mine and what house would they fit in well in hogwarts.

Anastasia- Slytherin. She's not malicious, but she is very ambitious, and won't stop at nothing until she reaches the goal she sets herself to, either finding her lost family or running away with her lover.

Odette- Ravenclaw. She does show certain inquisitive characteristics throughout her movie, such as when she calls out Derek for his initial shallowness for wanting to marry her just for her beauty.

Aisling- Hufflepuff. Choosing this one was hard, but I began to think over while remembering her attitude in the movie and while she did show off certain knowledge, it didn't seem to be her main trait. I tend to associate her with Hufflepuff due to the loyalty and friendship she had with Brendan throughout the course of their adventure.

Yumyum- Ravenclaw. She is inquisitive, and most of the time (in the original film at least) she always comes up with ideas at the moment to solve a problem (like allowing Tack to live by making him her cobbler instead of being executed on the spot by Zigzag).

Amalthea- Gryffindor. A little strange since she's too introverted to be a traditional Gryffindor, but... She does show certain wisdom at times, but her movie is more about her learning and discovering new things over her showing her knowledge to others. I chose this one based on how she enters into these dangerous adventures without knowing the outcome most of the time, and how she continues to go on despite the odds.

Toothiana- Hufflepuff. Diligent and hardworking and loyal to her friends, she fits the description to a T. Although I think she also has a Gryffindorish traits in her as well.

So, do you wanna add your own input into this? Wanna comment on other heroines and what houses do you feel they'd fit into? Tell me about it!

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il y a plus d’un an Tygers_Eye said…
I think this is very hard to tell because the Sorting Hat places you where it thinks you'll succeed most (with your permission, ideally), not just which house your overall personality matches the values of.

For example, Hermione has the personality of a Ravenclaw, but she admits in the the story that she had that one little spark of adventurous defiance, and the Sorting Hat placed her in Griffindore to foster it. (As such, her time in Griffindore made her grow from a grades and rules-obsessed bookworm to a more well-rounded person and hero.) Neville has the overall personality of a Hufflepuff (so much so that his favorite teacher, most friends, and future wife are Hufflepuffs), but because he had that tiny little spark of courage deep within him, the Hat bullied him into accepting Griffindore to foster that talent, which came to fruition by Seventh Year.

That said, I actually think Anastasia is Griffindore because she is brave and bold. She sets out to find her family even though she is terrified ("Heart, don't fail me now. Courage, don't desert me. Don't turn back now that we're here. People always say 'Life is full of choices.' No one ever mentions... fear. Or how the world can seem so vast"), isn't afraid to snark or tell people off when they're jerks, and ultimately sees it through to the end.

I mean, really. Look at 8-year-old Anastasia from when her family was alive; spirited, mischievous, headstrong, wild, etc. And tell me: does she really look like she'll be happier and more productive with the Slyterine crowd (Rasputin's crowd...) or the Griffindore crowd?
scarletunicorn commented…
i didn't think of that, that sounds plus plausible. Yes, I guess she fits plus with the lions (And she does have a tendency to jump headfirst into situations without thinking properly of the consequences- that's such a gryffindor trait!!) il y a plus d’un an
AdelitaI commented…
Slytherin doesn't equal people like Rasputin. il y a 6 jours
il y a plus d’un an AudreyFreak said…
Marina- Gryffindor. Very strong sense of justice, fearless
Eilonwy- Hufflepuff Fair, just, compassionate, won't tolerate rudeness
Lottie- Slytherin? She knows exactly what she wants in life and will do anything to get it (except steal Naveen of course).
Nakoma- ? She's much more cautious than Pocahontas and is pretty happy with her people's tradition. She isn't bold but seems wise in her own way.
Crysta- Hufflepuff. She's fearless, but not really chivalrous or proud like Gryffs tend to be. Cares about everyone and is open minded.
Sally- Hufflepuff to the core!
Lady- Ravenclaw? She's very curious, open minded about the world, wise.
Safira- Gryffindor
Meg- Ravenclaw
Tweed- possibly Hufflepuff?
il y a 6 jours AdelitaI said…
Esmeralda - most likely Gryffindor. Protective, fiery, fearless, rebellious progressive( Gryffindors are known for being Muggleborn-friendly). However, she is resourceful so she may be Slytherin too.
Megara - Slytherin is the first that comes to my mind but maybe that's more like a mask or result of trauma. Maybe she used to more of Hufflepuff in the past.
Jane - Ravenclaw for sure. One of the most intellectual heroines.
Anya - Slytherin( because determined and seems to have some appreciation for luxury) or Gryffindor( because so brash, brutally honest and playful).
Odette - agree with Ravenclaw. That argument with Derek shows she values knowledge and is quite philosophical. If I recall correctly, she also reads.
Both Miriam and Tzipporah are bold, outspoken, combative, free-spirited Gryffindors to me.
Asenath - Hufflepuff. Extremely loyal to Joseph( the only one to take care of him when he was imprisoned), merciful and pacifistic, hard-working, not too proud to work with commoners.
Ting-Ting - not sure. She very reliable, sacrificial and dedicated which is a Hufflepuff trait. Also perfectionistic which is Slytherins. Also she is seen reading books and is witty which is Ravenclaw.
Mei - Gryffindor. She has quite a fiery temper. She is very passionate and mostly driven by emotions, she is even impulsive. She is definetely bold and daring because she is not too shy to initiate a meeting with a man and even start flirting with him, as well as to defy society expectations. Also is quite progressive and unconventional like many Gryffindors( falls in love with a commoner who is not conventionally handsome).
Su - Hufflepuff. Values her sisters a lot, as well as peace in relationship, warm, affectionate, compassionate, optimistic. Not as daring as Mei. Loves nature.
Queen Tuya - another Hufflepuff. Very warm and affectionate too. I see incredible loyalty Hufflepuff are famous for: her attraction and sympathy to cute stranger baby turned out to be life-long motherly love. Also very acceptive of people and not really judgemental: immediately decides to adopt the slave baby she sees for the first time, tries to persuade Moses to forgive Seti for horrible things he did.
Yocheved - we don't learn much about her but she is definetely courageous( it takes courage to mantain the ability to think rationally when your son is in danger) and resourceful. The former suggests Gryffindor and the latter Slytherin but, again, not enough information. She reminds me of Mulan. I will write her asmixture of Gryffindor and Slytherin in my fanfiction.
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