héroïnes des dessins animés de l’enfance Theme Suggestion for CAMH 20 in 20 icone Contest

LightningRed posted on Mar 28, 2013 at 03:49PM
Hello everyone!

This forum post is for you who want to share your ideas of themes for CAMH 20 in 20 Icon Contest. Just post the theme (and explanation if needed). You can post more than 1 theme too! Even you can suggest a theme for category set (make them fits for 5 icons).

Themes that are never used before are HIGHLY recommended.

I will consider your ideas and may use them for future rounds!

Have fun!
 Hello everyone! This forum post is for toi who want to share your ideas of themes for CAMH 20 in
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il y a plus d’un an Safira-09 said…
I will take a look at all the challenges i did so far at livejournal..there should be some good ones^^

right now i have - lilac in mind..
posters, elements, different flowers, heroine as villain - not the outfit, ... black and white with another heroine in icon
princess to peasant - peasant to princess
heroine turned into animal
breaking fourth wall - looking at us
funny, derpy
angel + devil...

i don´t know, im almost asleep right now
il y a plus d’un an rhythmicmagic said…
For a category- all 5 icons variations on the same shot
LightningRed commented…
I'm sorry that theme has been used in Round 2. Perhaps another new idea? il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an cruella said…

With favorite animated heroine
With favorite animated hero
With favorite animated villian/villainess
With favorite animated sidekick
With favorite animated animal
With favorite Disney Prince
Name of favorite song from her movie
Title of favorite animated movie
Black and White


Textured (each icon has different texture effect)
Fake background (in each icon the heroine is on a different fake background)
Neon (similar to the pastel catagory)
With a Disney Princess (in each icon the heroine is with a different DP)
With a Disney Prince (in each icon the heroine is with a different Disney prince)
With a Disney Villian (in each icon the heroine is with a different DV)
With a character from favorite animated movie (in each icon heroine is with a different character from one's favorite animated movie)
Photo Effect (each icon has a different photo effect Sepia, Lomo, ect..)
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il y a plus d’un an Safira-09 said…
Did you ever use concept/ production art as a theme?
LightningRed commented…
I think not yet il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an SweetPea2007 said…
Monster (the heroine has to be made to look like a monster...vampire, werewolf ,sea monster,ect.)
With a Monster High Girl
As a My Little Pony
With your favorite Villain
Playing with a child
Elvis Song lyrics
With your favorite red head (your Heroine and a red character from another animated movie..if your girl is red head then pick your 2nd favorite)
with a character or quote from Doctor Who
with a character or quote from Supernatural
David Bowie Song Lyric

With 5 different Animals
Focus on 5 Different Body Parts
5 different Art styles (Pop art,Abstract, Pointillism, watercolor, ect.)
Movie Quote (Pick any movie and do 5 icons with 5 different quotes from that movie)

il y a plus d’un an Popcornfan said…
I don't know if these ideas have been used before, I'll just put them out there and you can tell me

-With a background from a non-Disney movie
-Looking down
-With technology
-With a crown (I´m sure this one must have been thought of, but just in case)
-Zodiac sign
-Five possible suitors (either five crossover couples or if this has been done before, five suitors from her same movie)
LightningRed commented…
Cool ideas. :) il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an sweetie-94 said…
Here are some themes that hasn't been used that I've used on my 20 in 20 icon contest:
-Prettiest Shot
-With lyrics from a song from the year you where borned
-With sidekick/s (from the movie)
-One Word
-With bird/s
-With closed eyes
-Formal Outfit (doesn't have to be featured in the movie, if the heroine is an animal just make an icon with her wearing her formal collar or whatever she's seen wearing)
-Bright (it hasn't been used as a theme yet, only for Category)
-Quote from your favorite Disney Movie
-Singing (if the heroine never sings in her movie just make an icon where she has her mouth open or looks like she's singing)
-Song Title (of a song from the movie, of a song from another movie, of a song not featured in a movie)
-With your favorite Disney Animal
-With parent/s
-On a live action background
-With lyrics from a song that you love
-With your favorite non movie animal (but you can use an animal from a movie if you want)
-Dressed in your favorite color
-With your favorite Disney Character
-Favorite song scene (if the movie has one, if not use the scene that you think has the best score)
-Under a tree
-On a one colored background
-Casual Outfit (pretty much the same as the Formal Outfit theme)
-Big Text
-Half Body (from the head to the waist)
-With your favorite Disney Dog
-Quote (by another character from the movie, by the villain, by another heroine, by a character from another movie etc.)
-Dressed in Purple
-Lyric from a song by Within Temptation
-Old Fashioned
-Body Part
-Abstract (the icon is crazy looking)
-2 Words
-Dressed in green
-Glamorous (the icon is luxury looking)
-Sky (icon focuses on the sky)
-On a background from your favorite 1950's Disney Movie
-Part of Face
-With quote from your favorite animated movie
-Least Favorite Scene
-Negative Space (icon has around 50% of clear space)
-Not squared
-With friend (from the movie)
-Crossover (any kind of crossover)
-Lonely/Alone (only the heroine is in the icon)
-Black and White with some color
-Love (any kind of love counts)
-Music (the icon relates to music in some kind of way)
-With animal/s (from the movie)
-With a male character from the movie
-On a background from another animated movie
-Book Title
-Upside down (the icon is turned upside down)
-Femenine (the heroine either looks femenine or the icon focuses on a femenine color)
-Dressed in an outfit which belongs to a DP
-Danger (the heroine is in danger)
-Black and White except for the eyes
-With a different eyecolor
-Black and White with one shade of red
-With a female character from the movie
-Movie Title (of another movie, a DP Movie etc.)
-Fan Art
-With a mammal
-Feet (icon focuses on the heroine's feet)
-With least favorite Disney Prince
-With hairaccessory
-With favorite character from the movie (2nd favorite if the heroine is your favorite character in the movie)
-With lyrics from a song where the heroine (or her voice actress) is mentioned (doesn't have to be the actress's first name, it can be any part of her name)
-With a character from Alice In Wonderland (2010 version in case you're already using Alice from the 1951 movie, other than that the 1951 version)
-Forest (the heroine is in a forest)
-In Motion
-With an animal (from your favorite animated movie, from your favorite Disney Movie, DP Movie etc.)
-Different outfit color
-On a background (from your least favorite animated movie, Disney Movie, DP movie etc.)
-With your favorite character (from your favorite animated movie, Disney Movie, DP Movie, least favorite animated movie, Disney Movie, DP Movie etc.)
-Blend (icon of two pictures that looks like they go together)
-Dressed in white
-Magical (the icon is magical in some kind of way)
-With your least favorite character (from your least favorite animated movie, Disney Movie, DP Movie, favorite animated movie, Disney Movie, DP Movie etc.)
-Movie Intro Icon (if the heroine isn't featured in the intro make an icon where she appears in the intro)
-Prettiest Scene (the scene that you find the heroine prettiest in)
-Collage (icon should have at least 2 different pictures of the heroine that are not blended together)
-Movie Ending icon
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LightningRed commented…
Whoa, that's a long list! I'll consider them though. :) il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an sweetie-94 said…
And here are some category themes:
-With her lover (or the same male character if the princess doesn't have a love interest in the movie)
-Same Color (all icons focuses on the same color, for example green)
-Same Scene (all icons are from the same scene where the heroine is featured)
-Favorite Scene
-First Apperance
-Same Effect (all icons uses the same effect)
-Same Hair Accessory
-Same Hairstyle
-Last Apperance
-People (has the heroine and the same other character in all icons)
-First Song (doesn't have to be the first song where the heroine has a solo part)
-Last Song
-With the villain
-Four Elements (either the icons focuses on all the four elements or just a couple of them or just one)
-Holding an Object (in each icon the heroine holds an object, doesn't have to be the same object in all of the icons, it can be different ones)
-5 different colors (each icon focuses on a different color, for example the first one focuses on purple, the next one focuses on yellow etc.)
-Favorite Effect/s (doesn't have to be just one effect, it can be more than one and it doesn't have to be the well known effects such as lomo(ish), sepia etc. It can be more rare effects)
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il y a plus d’un an SarahCorine said…
With a real life person
On a real life background
Fan art
Eyes closeup

All I can really think of for now.
il y a plus d’un an Popcornfan said…
Some other ideas
-Sign of affection other than kiss or hug
-Added to scene (The character appears in a scene from their movie in which they are not originally in)
-Tarot cards
-with outfit worn by another character in the movie
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il y a plus d’un an SarahCorine said…
Just thought of some.

Recreating a famous movie scene or be specific with a movie title so you can use this for multiple rounds but with different movies.
LightningRed commented…
Nice idea :) il y a plus d’un an