Out of the three options for article ideas, this was the haut, retour au début choice par a landslide. I've actually been thinking of écriture about this for a long time, but the rankings were always a blur until now. I was originally going to make a haut, retour au début 15 until an error happened and I had to start all over again :( Also fanpop is pretty much dead right now, so I'll write the other articles when it's plus active :/

Honorable Mentions: Part of Your World (The Little Mermaid), Stand Out (A Goofy Movie), Can toi Feel the l’amour Tonight (The Lion King), The Last Unicorn (''), Jack's Lament (The Nightmare Before Christmas), A Whole New World (Aladdin)

10) Reflection - Mulan

Yeah, I've always been obsessed with this song. It's so pretty. I just l’amour Lea Salonga's voice is the traditional Chinese sounds.

9) Welcome to the montrer - MLP Equestria Girls: Battle of the Bands

Say what toi want about MLP, but the Dazzlings get the best parts. They harmonize greatly together and they sound like sirens, which is what they are. link

8) I Will Always Be With toi - All chiens go to Heaven 2

This song is criminally underrated! It's such a beautiful sweet song. It's one of the most romantic animated songs I've heard and both Jessi Corti and Sheena Easton make an awesome duo. link

7) couleurs of the Wind - Pocahontas

Not only CofW a beautiful song and with Judy Kuhn's amazing voice, but it sends an important message which makes it extra special. I'm passionate about the negativity of ethnocentrism and the importance of the saving the environment!

6) I Won't Say I'm in l’amour - Hercules

he movie isn't one of my favorites, but it does have some great songs like "I can go the Distance''. I heard the song before I saw the movie and I loved it ever since. It has a spunk to it and Meg Egan's voice has a unique voice! It will always have a special place in my heart.

5) Let it Go - Frozen

There are two kinds of people. There's the kind that are sick of hearing "Let it Go'' and then there are those who can listen to it a thousand times and not get tired of it. I'm the latter and I don't care what the haters gotta say, I l’amour this song :)

4) Strangers like me - Tarzan

I've always loved this song! It makes me happy and I l’amour the link language of it! The Danish version is my personal favorite.

3) Deliver Us - Prince of Egypt

It might not of been part of my childhood, but "Deliver Us'' is so powerful that it stuck to me. I can feels the pain and desperation of the hebrews and Ofra Haza's voice is angelic.

2) I'll Make a Man out of toi - Mulan

Let me tell you, this song get me pumped! It get motivated whenever I listen to it and the part where Mulan climbs up the pole really get me every time. It will always be one of my favorites.

1) Once Upon a December - Anastasia

The final conclusion has come and this is the final outcome for my favori animated song. I hate to use the word "hauntingly'', but OUaD is a hauntingly beautiful song. I was blown away from the moment I heard it and I l’amour how Russian it sounds! I l’amour hearing vibes from different cultures.