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Don't Wanna Pick It Up
I'm So Scared
I'm Gonna Say Too Much
I Tip Toe Around Your Questions
Why toi Gotta Dig So Deep?

Tears Fall
And The Glasses Break
Inside These Walls
The Floor Boards Shake
From Outside
It's Alright
Long As toi Looking From Fifty Feet

I Been Trying Trying
Hold My Head Up High
I Been Lying Lying
Keeping It All Inside
Trying Not To Trust You, Yeah
Take Another Leaf, I'm broke Yeah Yeah

I'm Done, I Give Up
I Don't Wanna Pretend No More
That's It, So What
I've Lost A Friend Before
Gonna Say It Like It Is
No plus Wondering What If
That Ain't The Way toi Oughta Live
Cause I Don't...
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We ain't ever gonna grow up, we just wanna get down,
tell the DJ turn it up real loud.
No we'll never grow up and if we had our way,
we would do this everyday.
Lets go!
I gotta flow that'll make toi drop, I gotta flow that'll make toi pop.
I gotta flow that'll make your mother and your father, call the cops
We're gonna make this thing go blow, we've got a system overload.
We're gonna be the generation, that makes everything explode.
And when I say explode I don't mean that we using bombs,
We doing stuff that we don't ever have to tell our moms.
l’amour this life we got, we got it all up...
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