Charlie the Unicorn Charlie the Unicorn 2: The banane King

BellaCullen96 posted on May 09, 2009 at 03:45PM
Here is the complete script to Charlie the Unicorn 2!

[Charlie is seen watching television with his stuff. The pink and blue unicorns are floating above Charlie, wearing scuba goggles, flippers, and air tanks with snorkels, pretending to swim]

Blue and Pink: Glub . . . glub glub . . . glub glub . . . glub glub . . . glub glub . . .

Blue: Look over there! It's a coral reef.

Charlie: Oh look, it's you guys . . . and you're floating.

Blue: Charlie, we're scuba diving, Charlie.

Pink: We're exploring the depths of the ocean blue.

Blue: Oh no! Here comes a school of poisonous foogle fish!

Pink: Nooo! Foogle!

Charlie: Ah, you gotta watch out for those. So, uh, go away. I'm watching TV.

[A vortex appears on Charlie's back]

Blue: The vortex is open!

Charlie: Oh god. Okay, what is this?!

Pink: Charlie! We're being pulled into the vortex! Swim away, foogle fish, swim away!

Charlie: Come on now. You guys are freaking me out! Turn this thing off!

Blue: There's no stopping the vortex, Charlie!

Pink: Foooogggle!

[Pink and Blue disappear, along with the vortex]

Charlie: Guys? Guys? Or girls . . . I'm not really not sure what you two are. . . .

[The vortex appears with Blue's head sticking out]

Blue: Charlie! Charlie, I have the amulet!

Charlie: What amulet?! What's going on?!

Blue: The amulet, Charlie! The magical amulet! Sparkle sparkle!

[Pink appears briefly]

Pink: Sp-! Sparkle!

Charlie: I, I don't understand what you're talking about!

Blue: The amulet . . . Nyeh! Nyeh!

[Blue disappears. Then both Pink and Blue pop out of the vortex, which disappeared briefly. Blue has the amulet on its neck. Somehow, their scuba outfits are off]

Blue: We did it!

Pink: We got the amulet!

Charlie: Great. Now go away! I'm tired of the horrible things that happen when you're around!

Blue: No, Charlie!

Pink: No!

[Pink and Blue puff up while screaming "No!" repeatedly, then turn back to normal]

Blue: We have to take the amulet to the Banana King.

Charlie: Oh, yes, the Banana King, of course. Absolutely not!

Pink: He, he's counting on us, Charlie! Ah . . .

[Pink suddenly rises]

Blue: If we don't give the amulet to the Banana King, the vortex will open and let out a thousand years of darkness.

Pink: No! Darkness!

[Pink is still floating. Suddenly the vortex appeared again with tentacles sticking out with a roar]

Charlie: Ah! All right, fine! I'll go! I'll go!

Pink and Blue: Yay!

Pink: Darkness!

[Cut to the three walking through the woods. Pink and Blue are making tongue-blooping sounds]

Charlie: What are you two doing?

[Silence. Then Pink and Blue continue with their tongue-blooping]

Charlie: Stop that.

[Silence. Then Blue makes one last tongue-bloop. The three stop in front of a big Letter Z]

Charlie: Oh, look at that.

[Pink and Blue started talking to the Letter Z in Spanish. Here is also the translation]

Pink and Blue: Z!

Blue: ¡El hombre con el sombrero nos envió! (The man with the hat sent us!)

Pink: ¡Él nos contó muchas historias asombrosas! (He told us many amazing stories!)

[The Letter Z makes pinging sounds]

Pink and Blue: Ho ho ho ho ho!

Charlie: What?

Pink: ¡Cenamos esta noche en tortugas! (Tonight we dine on turtles!)

Blue: ¡Serán buenos ellos, Z! (They will be good, Z!)

[The Letter Z shoots a laser at Charlie]

Charlie: Ahh! What did you two do?!

Pink and Blue: Z!

Blue: ¡Soy feliz! (I am happy!)

[The Letter Z makes pinging sounds again]

Pink and Blue: Ho ho ho ho ho!

Charlie: (mumbling) Just keeping walking, Charlie. Keep walking. . . .

[The three stop in front of a giant sneaker]

Blue: Hop on board the train, Charlie.

Pink: It's gonna take us to the Banana King.

Charlie: I don't see any train. All I see is a giant sneaker.

Blue: It's the Choo Choo Shoe, Charlie.

Pink: The Choo Choo Shoe!

Blue: Hurry, Charlie. It's about to leave.

[Pink and Blue get in the sneaker]

Pink and Blue: Chugga chugga chugga chugga chugga chugga chugga chugga shoe shoooooe! Chugga chugga chugga chugga chugga chugga chugga chugga shooe shoooooe!

Charlie: Yeah, uh I forgot my boarding pass. I'll just walk.

[Cut to the three in front of a banana-themed temple emblazoned with the words EX ORIENTE LUX BANANA, which is probably meant to be bad Latin for "From the east, the light of a banana"]

Pink: We're here, Charlie!

Blue: The Temple of the Banana King!

Charlie: Great. Let's leave the amulet and go home.

[A slug-like creature resembling Santa Claus popped out of nowhere, smiling. According to, the creature's name is Frogrus. He is known to be the Banana King's servant]

Charlie: Who is that?


Charlie: No, no really. You guys see it, right?


Charlie: I gotta be honest. I'm getting creeped out here. Somebody say something!

[Frogrus suddenly starts to sing]

Frogrus: Charlie, you look quite down with your big fat eyes and your big fat frown. The world doesn't have to be so gray! Charlie, when your life's a mess, when you're feeling blue, always in distress, I know what can wash that sad away. All you have to do is . . . put a banana in your ear!

Charlie: A banana in my ear?

Frogrus: Put a ripe banana right into your favorite ear! It's true.

Charlie: Says who?

Frogrus: So true. Once it's in your gloom will disappear. The bad in the world is hard to hear, when in your ear a banana cheers, so go and put a banana in your ear!

Frogrus and Bananas: Put a banana in your ear!

Charlie: I'd rather keep my ear clear.

Frogrus and Bananas: You'll never be happy if you live your life in fear. It's true.

Charlie: Says you.

Frogrus and Bananas: So true. When it's in the skies are bright and clear. Oh every day of every year, the sun shines bright on this big blue sphere. So go and put a banana-

Frogrus: -in your eeeeaaaarrrrrrrrrrr!

[Frogrus disappears in flames]

Charlie: Oh, of course, he burst into flames.

Blue: Go fourth, magical amulet! Return to the Banana King!

[The amulet gets off of Blue's neck, floats to the air, and shines a beam of light at Charlie]

Blue: Charlie! YOU'RE the Banana King!

[Charlie is floating to the amulet from the beam of light]

Charlie: What? Hey, hey, hold on a minute!

[A banana appears on Charlie's back]

Banana: You're the Banana King, Charlie!

Charlie: No! I'm not! That doesn't make sense!

Blue: All hail the Banana King!

Charlie: I'm not the Banana King!

Blue: You ARE the Banana King!

Charlie: No, NO! I . . . I . . .

[Suddenly, more bananas appear on Charlie's back]

Bananas: Banana! Banana! Banana! Banana! Banana!

[A crown plops on Charlie's head]

Charlie: I . . . I AM the Banana King!

Pink and Blue: Yay!

Banana: You ARE the Banana King!

Charlie: I'm the Banana King! Yeah!

[Charlie notices that Pink and Blue disappeared]

Charlie: Hey, hey . . . where'd you go? Guys? Hello? Get me down from here!

[The beam of light disappears, causing Charlie and the amulet to fall to the ground]

Charlie: Augh! Okay, that's a sprain.

[Cut to where Charlie is walking through the woods alone]

Charlie: Hello? Hello! Guys, where are you?

[Charlie sees that his TV and the rest of his stuff is gone]

Charlie: Argh! Ya gotta be . . . Great! They robbed me!

[Suddenly, the vortex from earlier appears, with Blue's head sticking out]

Charlie: Ahh!

Blue: Charlie!

Charlie: What do you want?!

[Silence. Then Blue makes one last tongue-bloop before he disappears back into the vortex]

[Music plays and the credits begin to roll]
 Here is the complete script to Charlie the Unicorn 2! [Charlie is seen watching télévision with hi
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il y a plus d’un an BellaCullen96 said…
Yeah, I posted this before I figured out about articles, and now I'm too lazy to change it.
il y a plus d’un an AmyRoseReal said…
So cool. I saw the Banana King on YouTube.
il y a plus d’un an channy889 said…
big smile
i too was wondering what they said to did find that?
il y a plus d’un an Greenfyre said…
big smile
Probably researched it, I also wondered what they were saying, pft, Tonight we dine on Turtles, lol.
il y a plus d’un an Lomour said…
The fish are actually Fugu, a real poisonous pufferfish, not a foogle.