jour 1:As like every mornings it's the same routine,I get woken up par dog running out the door,dragging me along and I always get hurt,That's why I visit the doctor weekly but not anymore,I got dog to see a therapist named Dr.Kelp,An odd last name for a animal but everyone is unique in there own way,Now I don't get woken up par dog running out the door dragging me along.It's been very peaceful in the mornings as the sun rises at dawn,But dog is still a slob like always,I trained him to eat like a normal animal(A fancy one)and I couldn't believe the results,I actually trained him to eat normal!Me and Dog have been getting along the past few days,but Winslow is getting worse,He did an awful prank that almost made me stay in my house for a mois ou 2!He shaved me and Dog while we were sleeping and when we woke up we found out he pushed our lit outside and had us exposed to public!Everyone was laughing and pointing at us,Even Mervis and Dunglap!I can't believe those traders for friend did that!But toi can't trust friends.Anyways my face was redder than a tomato,Dog screamed in embarrasment,I can't believe that chienne did such a horrible thing to us!It was so bad I almost thought of eating him while he was sleeping but dog stopped me from doing that.