Me:*Roaming around a new high school*
Me:*Bumps into someone*Oh,I'm sorry,I...O.O
Cat:No,It's chiens fault,He wasn't paying attenion
Dog:Sorry :/
Me:Are,Are toi Catdog?!
Dog:*Puts arm around chats shoulder*Yup ^.^ The one and only
Me:Oh,my,Gosh!!!!!Catdog going to my high school!
Cat:Yup,It's a real shocker
Me:Well,It's math now,I better go
CatDog:Okay,See toi later
*After School*
Me:Catdog,I have always wondered,How do toi go to the bathroom?
Cat:Oh toi don't wanna know
Me:*Thinks of how Catdog go to the bathroom*Wanna know what,I already know
Cat:Yup and I hate doing that
Me:Well,I better get going,Bye!