*I am making this fanfic for fun purposes only. Don't judge the way I combine characters and films together because it is all in my imagnation.*

Taking place ten years after the events from the movie, Laputa stills remains unharmed. But a pieace of something was missing from the movie itself. Something everyone thought that was part of the imagnation but was acutally true. There once was a creature that lived in the lands of Laputa too: a creature people call "CatDog". What makes this strange creature so honorable is because it once stood as a guardian to Laputa as well as its creatures that lived there. Recently though, the CatDog creature has vanished after the event of Muska's attack and has not been seen ever sense. However, Pazu and Sheeta, the couple who survived during the events of the movie and known for visiting Laptua may have their struck of luck when they do run into the CatDog creature and hopfully get it back to it's place.

Up in the sky, Sheeta and Pazu were still on their way, going who knows where. "Do toi even know where we are heading?" Sheeta asked while clinging onto to him. Pazu did not have a good answer because he had no clue where he was going for next. He did however came up with an idea. "We could go back to my house and stay for a while if toi would like." Sheeta agreed and Pazu changed directions on the flying aircraft. Several hours have past and they have made it to his house. After unloading most of their things, the two made it inside the house- nothing has changed sense they left to find Laputa. "I will go make us some lunch." Pazu a dit while putting away his coat. He walked up the stairs while Sheeta was just admiring everything. She suddenly discovered an article that was cut-up on the newspaper that mentioned something about Laputa's missing legend. She took a good long look at the article and did not say anything. Pazu came down to look for Sheeta and found her looking at the newspaper article. He walked to her to see as well. "Do toi know about this?" Sheeta asked. Pazu had no idea that there was a missing thing at the floating city. "I have been told about this creature," He responded. "But I haven't known to tell it."

The article was about a creature called "CatDog", a strange creature that had two heads but were in diffrent sides and was all in one body. This creature supposly brought good luck to the ancient city and kept tresspassers away. But during the events in Muska's invasion to the city, the creature somehow vanaished and was never seen again. The legends may ou may not have been true sense no one has even found the creature. "Are we going to find it Pazu?" Sheeta asked. Pazu thought about it but was not too sure. She understood however if he did not want to. Just then, a knock was heard from upstaris. "I will get it." Pazu a dit while walking up the staris. He opend the door and a tall man in a black suit was standing. "What do toi want?" Pazu asked. The man dug a picture out of his pocket and showed him a picture of CatDog. "Have toi seen this creature?" The man hesitated. Pazu was shocked to know that this man was looking for the creature too but was not sure what he wanted from it. He instead made up something. "No I haven't, but I have seen a duck/goose creature around here. Why dont toi go check that out?" The man knew he was joking. "Don't play with me kid! I happen to be sent here par the government for me to catch this thing and present it to him. Now tell me where it is." Pazu was now getting irratated par the way he was talking. All what he could do was make up an excuse and close the door in his face. The man stood there in anger but left in a hurry. Pazu meanwhile ran down the staris to Sheeta. "I think me may have to chercher for the creature after all." Sheeta wanted to know what happend but Pazu couldn't explain it to her now. They left the house and ran to the nearby town.