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A tensing silence filled the motel room. Jo wanted Dean to talk to her, but Dean just wanted to get drunk and Sam was on his laptop, pretending to be busy.
“How’s your injury? toi want me to check it?” Jo tried carefully.
“What?” Dean snapped. Then his face softened. “Oh…no. But, thanks for the offer”
Sam closed his laptop. “I know this might be inappropriate, but maybe we should leave this place until everything falls into place again”
“Things don’t just fall into place” Dean a dit angry and stressed out. “That’s why we where born. To make them fall into place. I can’t...
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Anna threw the phone at Meg. She caught it with one hand and examined it.
“I’m still not sure what you’re going to do with it, since Cas won’t be able to use a phone while he’s in prison” Anna said.
“You gave one to him, too, right?” Meg checked.
“Yes, and it only has your number and yours has only his number, so the two of toi can start having phone sex with each other to pass the time” Anna a dit sarcastic.
“Or toi can finally get me out of here, so I can go coup de poing a little common sense into Castiel’s pretty face and then he’ll leave prison on his own” Meg suggested....
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It was visiting heure in prison and a guard told Cas someone wanted to see him. Cas expected to see Dean ou Sam, but when he entered the visitors room it was Zoey who waved at him discreetly.
The guard brought him to the table, tableau and then withdrew himself. Cas sat down.
“Hi, Emmanuel” Zoey a dit full of compassion. “I’m sorry. Castiel, right? Daphne told me toi found out who toi are. How do toi like your new old life?”
Cas looked around him, then back at Zoey and let his shoulders hang.
“I’m sorry. That was a stupid question” Zoey said.
“What are toi doing here?” Cas wondered. “Why...
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Anna waved a bag with chocolat biscuits, cookies in front of Meg.
“I know toi like these” Anna a dit teasing.
“When I was human, maybe” Meg snapped. “It’s been a very long time since I was human”
“Then I guess my plan to keep toi happy fails” Anna said, in a tone as if she couldn’t care less.
“Why would toi want to keep me happy?” Meg frowned.
“Cas is in trouble” Anna started. “Inspector Roberts has a DVD that shows how Cas abuses a little girl”
“What?!” Meg exclaimed and she jerked the bag with biscuits, cookies out of Anna’s hand. She ate a cookie, not because she was hungry,...
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A guard brought Cas to a hearing room and pushed him down on a chair.
“Next time toi do that I’ll have to rapporter it to your superiors” a man a dit in the doorway. He was wearing a suit and carried a small suitcase in his left hand. “But today I’ll just blame it to your lack of experience”
The guard growled something.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that last one, but please don’t bother repeating yourself. We won’t need toi in our conversation, so toi can go” the man said. “Through that door”
The guard walked outside and slammed the door.
“He’s got a temper” the man said,...
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The suivant morning.
Zoey was talking with the mortician, while Alexia was watching cartoons. At least Zoey was under the impression Alexia was watching cartoons. Until her little girl let out a shriek.
Zoey, scared something had happened to Alexia, jumped up and ran into the sitting room. Alexia was staring at the screen.
“Lex, what’s going on? toi almost gave mommy a cœur, coeur attack” Zoey a dit and swallowed a few times to calm down.
“Mommy, come look” Alexia a dit breathless. “Uncle Emmanuel is on TV”
Zoey rushed to the télévision and increased the volume.
“Last night the police arrested a man named Castiel for the abuse of a four an old girl” the newsreader said.
“Alexia, go play outside” Zoey a dit trembling.
“Why do they call him Castiel, mommy? His name’s Emmanuel” Alexia a dit confused.
“Now!” Zoey yelled and Alexia ran outside.
It was night and visiting hours were long over, but that didn’t stop Dean from checking on his best friend.
Cas was sitting on the cold floor, his head buried in his knees, trying to make himself as small as possible.
Dean, always armed with a lighter, made some light, because it was pitchdark.
“Hello, in there” he a dit a little nervous.
“Go away” Cas a dit hoarse.
“Sure, I’ll wait for toi outside” Dean a dit confident.
“Then toi can wait for a very long time” Cas said. “Because I’m not coming”
“Why not?” Dean asked a bit frustrated. “This isn’t about Meg, is it?”...
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Evening fell and the gang was having dinner. They had agreed to stay in the motel. While Jo and Dean had had their private conversation, Sam and Cas had been looking for takeaway Chinese. It wasn’t what Dean would’ve chosen.
“This tastes weird” he complained.
“That’s because you’re only used to cheeseburgers” Cas a dit dead serious. “You need to eat plus different kinds of nourriture ou you’ll burnout”
They all stared at him.
“I read that in a magazine” Cas said, while his cheeks turned red.
“Well, thanks, doc” Dean a dit sarcastic. “I’ll try keep it in mind”
He swallowed...
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Everything was a blur. The police was searching her house looking for things comparable to what Daphne had shown them on the dvd.
Daphne was sitting on the couch, staring at the black screen. She failed to erase the images in her head.
“Do toi own a computer, Miss Allen?” Isabel asked. She had insisted to do this case. There was something about this man and she was going to find out what it was.
Daphne nodded numb.
“You mind if I take a look?” Isabel asked.
Daphne shook her head and stood up. She walked to the cuisine and conjured her laptop. She put it on and typed in the password. She...
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“What the hell happened to you?” Sam exclaimed.
“Someone was shooting at us” Jo explained agitated. Dean was leaning on her and he was starting to become heavy. Cas rushed to them and took over.
“Thank you” Jo said.
“Where is it that you’re injured?” Cas asked. “Then I’ll heal you”
Dean shot a long look at Jo and then looked at Cas. “No” he a dit slowly. “I’m not that hurt. The bullet just missed me, it’s just a scratch. Jo can take care of me”
Jo frowned, but nodded in agreement.
Dean shot a meaningful glance at Sam, knowing Cas wouldn’t understand. Sam grabbed...
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A couple of hours later Zoey left with Alexia. Even though she could barely keep herself from falling apart she wasn’t going to leave her daughter, the person she loved the most, with a mentally ill sister. That would be very irresponsible.
And so Daphne was all alone now. She tried to comprehend the fact that Gerard had taken his own life. Hadn’t Daphne told Zoey to leave so she could be with her family?
It’s not my fault, Daphne defended herself in silence, I didn’t ask Zoey to live with me and abandon her family for three months.
Well, that’s rather ungrateful, a small voice in her...
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Sam and Cas were at a motel in Colombia Falls, while Dean and Jo were outside. They were in front of the car and Dean had opened the hood. He was maintaining the Impala while Jo watched him.
“Can I help?” Jo offered.
“No” Dean a dit sharp. Jo gave him a strange look. “Not because you’re a girl. I’m sure toi know how to fix a car. It’s personal, really”
“I get it” Jo said. “This is your baby. It’s hard to let go”
“Exactly” Dean said, glad Jo got the picture so quickly. He wiped his hands off a cloth and shut the hood. “I think we’re done here” He turned around. “Let’s get those two monkeys on their feet. We’re leaving town”
It happened in a flash. One moment Dean was standing on his two feet, the suivant he crashed against the car and fell on the ground.
“Dean!” Jo exclaimed. She bent on her knees and noticed blood coming out of his side.
Isabel was in her office when someone knocked the door. Isabel looked up and said: “Come in” A young girl entered the office and walked towards the desk. She conjured some pieces of paper. “Here’s the liste toi asked me for”
She handed it to Isabel and then waited for further instructions.
“That will be all, Jackie” Isabel a dit with a little nod.
Jackie turned around and walked to the door, when Isabel called her back.
“Did toi tell anyone about this list? ou that I asked toi to get it?” she asked.
“No, inspector Roberts” Jackie a dit a little nervous.
“Good” Isabel sais...
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Daphne was baking crêpes for Alexia. She shot constant looks at the clock, causing the pancake to burn.
“Damn it” she cursed. She threw the pancake in the garbage can and poured in new dough.
“Aunty Daphne? Where’s mommy?” Alexia asked.
“I don’t know” Daphne a dit nervous. Zoey had been gone all night and wouldn’t pick up her phone. Daphne wasn’t used to babysitting Alexia for that long and fact was that she wasn’t good at it. It was a good thing Alexia was very independent for her age.
The door opened and Daphne looked up. Zoey appeared in the doorway and she looked...
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Isabel was in hearing room two asking questions to a suspect in a murder case, when the door opened and inspector Anderson appeared in the doorway.
“Chief needs to see you” Anderson a dit deadly serious.
“I’m busy” Isabel a dit distracted.
“It’s important” Anderson a dit accenting his words.
Isabel sighed and stood up. She followed Anderson outside and locked the door. “What is this is about?” she asked, but Anderson walked her to the head bureau. He knocked and opened the door. “You didn’t have to escort me” Isabel a dit a little demeaning before she walked into the office....
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The suivant morning
Dean was driving the Impala and there was no musique playing for a change. The cassette tape player didn’t work. Instead the radio was playing.
“What station is that? Music’s awful” Jo complained. Dean changed the station, but it jumped back on the précédant one.
“That’s not a good sign” Sam a dit slowly.
The musique stopped and a voice was heard.
“Last night a woman named Lucy Dickinson was murdered in the Nite Owl Restaurant. Her insides were ripped out. There are no suspects thus far”
The musique played again.
“Lucy Dickinson is the waitress we met last night”...
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“I’m sorry” the doctor. “There’s nothing we can do for him”
“But…you haven’t even tried” Zoey a dit trembling. “You can’t just leave without trying. You’re a doctor for God’s sake! Help him!”
She attacked the doctor and he let her slap him. The nurse came vers l'avant, vers l’avant and pulled Zoey away.
“The pathologist will be here in a minute” the doctor said. “I’m really sorry”
The medical staff packed up their things and left. A few minutes later, Zoey hadn’t moved an inch, a few man in white costumes came in her room. Apparently the man suivant door, who had a key of the...
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Zoey opened her front door. She had to pick up some stuff she had left behind. Now that the divorce was completed she didn’t have to come here anymore. Except this one time.
“Gerard? Are toi home?” she called.
Gerard didn’t answer. Maybe he was sleeping. Zoey walked upstairs when she heard a crack. Apparently Gerard wasn’t sleeping.
“I’ll be as quick as possible. I’m out before toi know it” Zoey promised, even though Gerard didn’t come out. She walked into the spare room, where Gerard had stored her stuff in one box. She picked up the box and walked out of the room. She walked...
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Lucy walked out of the toilet and looked at her watch. She had to go back, but then she’d have to pass Cas’ table, tableau and she wasn’t sure if she could do that with a straight face. ou she could just go around the building and use the entrance.
“Are toi okay?”
Lucy looked up. Another woman, not much older than her, walked up to her.
“It’s alright, I’m a cop” the woman a dit and she held up a card with her name and where she worked. “Anything toi want to tell me? Like what happened in there?”
Lucy laughed and looked away. “Yeah, I don’t really see why that’s any of your...
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The waitress walked through the back door. She was taking a break. She felt two eyes on her and looked aside.
Cas was staring at her.
“Hi” she said. She walked to him. “You were jouer la comédie strange earlier”
“I’m sorry” Cas mumbled. “You remind me of someone”
“Your girlfriend?” the waitress guessed.
Cas shook his head. “She wasn’t my girlfriend. She was my…”
“Sex buddy” the waitress helped. “I’m Lucy”
“I’m Cas” Cas said.
“Cas?” Lucy a dit intrigued. “That’s an uncommon name” She came closer to him and took his collar. She dragged him into one of the toilets and locked the door. She threw her arms around his neck and jumped in his arms. She kissed him and Cas forced her against the wall.
“Aaaahhh!” she exclaimed. She pushed Cas away and looked at him terrified.
“I’m sorry” Cas mumbled concerned.
“It’s okay” Lucy said, but Cas unlocked the door and ran away.