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 Ball game
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Captain Rex and Ahsoka at a ball game.
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Me: Hi! This is Shelby again and Coric is my disclaimer. I hope toi all enjoy this one.

Coric: Yay, some violence up in this piece!

Me: Settle down Coric!


Rex: Come on! toi are so protective! Let her of the leash! She's new to the whole army thing!

Ahsoka: NO! She's not ending up like me! No boys!

(Rex grabs Ahsoka and wraps his hands around her throat. Shelby runs over to a corner. Rex chokes Ahsoka to death. He takes Ahsoka's dead body and tosses it away to the closet.)

Rex: Come on.

(Rex takes Shelby par the arm and hauls her to a ship. Rex throws...
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Ahhhhhhggggg.Rex cried as Denal tried desparetly to fix Rex's right leg.He had been severly injured when a building they were in on Earth caught fire.Skywalker was there trying to keep Rex still.After a long time of struggling,Denal managed to patch Rex's leg.Skywalker collapsed into chair.Rex lie there trying to catch his breath.Rex had some pain throughout his leg,but managed to stand with some support.Skywalker walked Rex to his room on the Resolute.Rex plopped down on his bed.All he wanted to do was sleep.He laid down in lit and slept 'til morning.
The suivant morning Rex awoke to find Ahsoka...
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captain rex
Star Wars
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i l’amour steak. oh forgot name: rex. ahsoka is my sister. anakin's my adopted dad. i am a rescue clone. i was tortured as a young one. this is my first diary so well duh that's the title. ahsoka is my adopted sister. plo's her real dad. cody is my cousin/bubba i guess. lol! i l’amour huskies too. i had one named max. he died. one i got now is king. the definition of my name in latin. i am 10 years old. 20 in earth years. my mom is pademe.

suivant chapter is coming.
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Rex's wings were cut and brused. Wolffe hit a soft spot. "Ahhh, careful" Rex hissed, "How they doin', bra?" "Not good. The membrane"s torn badly," Wolffe said, "Screwed beyond repair." "Cody, get me something to eat NOW!" Rex yelled. Cody nodded and took flight. Ahsoka walked in, "Want me to feed the kits?" "Yes," Rex smiled. Ahsoka picked Slick up par his scruff. Her tail snaked up to Slick's mouth. He sucked on the milk. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!" Bly howled. Wolffe rubbed Rex's back, "It's okay bra."
Cody came back from hunting with a huge buck in tow. "Thanks bra," Rex said. His stomach growled. Rex tore in to the buck's cheast, chowing down on the cœur, coeur and lungs.
Ahsoka smiled,"It's good to see toi eat again,sir."Rex sat back,"Eat boys."
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"Minor cuts... bruises on his..." Rex could here the doctors speaking with each other. His head was pounding and he couldn't remember anything past getting knocked out.

"Sir...?" Rex tried to get someone's attention.

"Rex, shhh!" It was Ahsoka, "sorry Rex, but toi have to be quiet!"

"What's going on?" Rex asked as he sat up.

"We linked up with another squad on patrol, we're lucky they showed up when they did, toi could have died!" Ahsoka a dit in a hushed voice.

"Sir... why are... We whispering?" He asked.

"We never made contact with HQ, and we don't know where the enemy is now, they could be listening...
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"Rex are toi okay?" Cody asked.

"I'm fine." Rex said. "Just thinking."

"About what?"

"It's nothing sir, really."

"Alright..." Cody said. "But Rex, your jouer la comédie strange."

Rex was going to reply but he hadn't noticed that they had arrived at the Command Center.

"Gentlemen, hows goes it?" Anakin asked.

"Sir! We are reporting as ordered sir!" Cody said.

"Attease." Obi-Wan said.

"Gentlemen, as toi know, the droid armies are advancing on the city." Anakin began.

Obi-Wan cut in. "The droids are advancing up the main rue here. Our heavy cannons are aimed on their position now."

Cody began speaking. "Sir, how...
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In the halls, Captain Rex thought of what it would be like if HE were the one that betrayed the Republic. Of course it would never happen, but it was always in the back of his head.

"Okay Rex," Cody said. "As toi know, the droid army in this city are being led par General Whoarm Loathsome."

Rex came back to his state of mind. "Yes sir."

"Okay, when Slick betrayed us, he destroyed all of our support ships, so we will have no reinforcements until we can make contact with the rest of the Republic." Cody a dit as they walked through the doors to the mess hall.

Rex thought back to when Slick was still...
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A video I saw and I liked it. Enjoy
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"I dont know about this Nix..."

"Just do it! Its the only way we can beat them!"


"No buts about it! DO IT!"

    I pressed the button that detonated the explosions in the building in front of us. The building went up and we ducked our heads in the trench. Even though we had our helmets on, the blast was so bright that toi could barely see. And the sound so piercing, your ears felt like they were being torn from your head. We werent out of the blast range but, as Nix said, it had to be done. Most...
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