The story begins with a handsome man in a ship on a planet called Hillodillie. Except for the man wasn't a hillodillier he was from a different planet called gallstones the tallest people on the planet,hillodilliers are small furry creatures but let's get back to the man. This man was named captain eo but how did he land on hillodillie. His father is the one who brought him there and abandoned him there. Eo was found par a hillodillier named fuzball but Eo was just a baby, so fuzball took him to a caption named....well we don't know but we all no his last name is ball,he had a son named captain purple L7 but..... L7 really liked Eo for some reason. Capitan ball took care of Eo and captain purple L7 was 2 months older than him. But the plus they grew and the plus their hearts grew the plus .....WAIT...the plus Capitan L7 liked Eo but he was always following Eo but was not ready to share his feelings for him. Eo and L7 grew bigger and bigger then L7 and Eo were together but wasn't boyfriend and boyfriend they were still friends. But I forgot to tell toi L7 and ball wasn't from hillodillie either they were from psychopath planet but they decided to déplacer and that's the story of the 2 but also wait 4 pt 2.
That's captain purple L7 toi can tell that i'm using prince in this story
Here's(replace jonny with Eo) Here's Eo!!!!