Lila started pacing back and forth while she thought what SHE needed to do. All the preasure was on her whether they will stay together ou not. She didn't want to leave Earth but she wanted to be with Captain Eo forever now. Lila knew she couldn't have everything so she had to sacrifice one out of the two greatest things she ever had. Lila finally came to a decision but she wasn't happy that's what she chose. Lila got down on her knees and looked at Eo straight in the eyes. She placed her hands on his legs and sighed. "Captain, I know what I'm going to let go and I'm afraid of loosing it but I need to stay with the other." Eo got closer to her face and whispered,"What?" Lila eyes started to water and she grabbed his hands and held them tight as he did with hers. "I want to Earth"

Eo felt his cœur, coeur drop. He wanted her to say she would come with him, especially after everything that happened to them last night. He thought they would finally be together but he failed. Captain Eo's cœur, coeur busted. He knew this wasn't right but he had no choice but to respect her wish. Eo tried his best to hold in his tears but they were winning. Eo stood up and ran upstairs to get away from Lila. She knew what she just did. She broke her lover's heart.

"I'm so sorry, Eo. But I want to stay here on Earth. Please......forgive me." she yelled to him. Eo never responded and Lila sat there on the canapé alone and wished this wasn't happening to them. She cried in her hands as she sat there. Eo was upstairs pacing back and foorth while his cœur, coeur ached with pain. He finally grabbed his suit and went downstairs to grab a bag to put it in. He couldn't stay there a seconde longer with her in his presence. He started to feel nothing but hate for her now. Was Eo starting to despise Lila for the first time? No, he couldn't. Eo would always l’amour her no matter what happened and he knew that. He looked back at Lila before walking out the door. Eo then called RoBob to send another l’espace pod to bring him back. Alone.

"Right away, sir. Is Lila joining us?" as Robob. Eo let out a long, deep sigh and said,"No. She is staying here. I'm coming alone." "I'm so sorry, Captain. The pod will be there any minute." Eo waited as the l’espace pod came to the ground while set on autopilot. Eo took one last look at Lila's accueil before entering and leaving Earth without her. He wanted to cry so much but he didn't at the same time. "So this is what it feels like when the one toi l’amour hurts you" he thought to himself. Eo tried desperately to drive Lila out of his mind but couldn't stop thinking about the night before. He still can't let her go.

Back on Earth, Lila stayed sitting on her canapé crying, realizing she made a terrible mistake and there was no way to contact Eo ou any of the crew members. She was alone on Earth. Lila wanted Eo. She finally managed to stop crying and attempted to think of something happier and brighter than the incident that occured. But nothing worked. Somehow, Eo always got back into her mind. Lila finally called her friend, Cassandra and asked her to spend the night. Lila needed some distraction and fast!

*Later that night on Earth*

"I don't really think horror films are all that scary though. I mean, they are all the same when toi really look at it." a dit Cassandra. Lila and Cassie were having another one of their debates about movie genres. But, of course, Cassandra had to bring the night down par bring him up. "So......where's your little sexy boy toy at?" Lila didn't respond and just stared at the floor wishing Cassandra hadn't a dit anything. "Lila? Lilapop? What's the matter? Did something happen between toi two?" "I made a mistake of coming here." Cassie was confused. She doesn't know that Lila is not of this Earth. Lila was hoping to never tell anyone but she now has no choice. "What do toi mean 'you shouldn't have come here'?" asked Cassie. "I need to tell toi something about me and Eo." Lila now has to confess her true self to her only friend.