"EO was so happy to hear those words come out of her mouth and for him to hear."
After EO finally let go of her lips, he watched as Lila pulled her face away and open her eyes. Their faces were still inches apart as they stared at each other with nothing but lust and passion. EO, still holder Lila's waist, looked at the ground feeling he just killed someone. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that." "EO......It's fine. I'm okay." EO looked back at her and said,"You're not mad?" She shook her head and started to lick her own lips. "What's wrong then? Did I hurt you?" She giggled to herself and said,"Kiss me again."

EO was so happy to hear those words come out of her mouth and for him to hear. He smiled at her and leaned in to Kiss her again. This time, he gave it his all. He kissed her slowly, smoothly, hard but yet it was completely filled with passion. EO didn't want to let her go. Lila held the back of his head like before with both of her hands, praying he would give her plus than just a Kiss while she tangle her fingers in his curly, black hair. They both moaned from the feeling of their lips against each other. EO again took the moment to French Kiss Lila again and montrer her plus how much he loved her.

As soon as they started to speed the pace, EO lifted Lila off her feet and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He carried Lila to the foot of her lit and he sat down with her on his lap. Lila started to grind against EO as he started to Kiss her neck and push her into him. She moaned louder as he started to suck on her neck. "Oh, EO......Mmmmm.....I l’amour you." a dit Lila. EO stopped to look at her. "You do?" he asked. "EO, I have loved toi for a long time. That's the main reason why I cried when I left. I didn't think toi liked me ou loved me and I felt I had to forget about you." EO couldn't believe what he was being told. "Lila, ever since we met, I have always loved you. I have been waiting for this jour to come for a long time."

They both shared a smile and kissed again. EO laid back with Lila ontop of him. She started to undo his veste and open it so she could feel his warmth. EO rolled over so she would be under him. He ripped off his veste and threw it to the ground as Lila sat up while still sitting on the bed. She started to pull up his chemise to reveal his upper body. After that was removed, Captain grabbed her T-Shirt and pulled that over her and started to Kiss her upper chest. Lila wrapped her legs around his waist again as he laid back on her working his seductive magic and she moaned in pleasure.

They went closer to the headboard and EO laid back on Lila, pulling her against him. They still had their pants on but both were shirtless. Just as Lila started to reach down to open EO's pants, her cell phone rings. She reached over to see who it was, EO still s’embrasser all over her upper body. Lila's phone read,"Cassandra". Lila had to answer because today was Cassandra's birthday. "Ugh, hello?" "Hey, Lila. Where are you? I thought toi were going to come straight here after toi took that guy home." LIla tried so hard not to moan but she was enjoying the feeling of her captain s’embrasser all over her upper chest and her stomach. "Yeah. I'm still coming. I'll be there in a, ugh, few minutes." "Lila, what are toi doing?" "Bye, Cassie!"

Lila hung up with Cassandra and went back to enjoying herself. "Ugh, EO. I have to go. Please, toi have to stop." Captain EO lifted his head and said,"But I'm not done with you." and went back to her lips. "I know. And I don't want *kiss* I don't want toi to stop but *kiss* I made a promise and I have to *kiss* honor my commit- *kiss* -ment." EO finally stopped and got off of Lila. "You're right. toi should honor your commitment. But this isn't over! I'm going to finish toi when toi get home!" Lila gave him smile and got off the lit to get a different chemise and her jacket, leaving EO sitting on her lit shirtless.

After Lila fixed herself up real quick, she walked over to her lit and gave EO a quick peck on the lips and grabbed her phone and purse. She walked out of her room and turned to look behind so she could say,"I l’amour you!" As soon as Lila a dit that, EO yelled back,"I l’amour you, more!" and got dressed. When he heard the front door shut, he laid back on Lila's lit and was thinking of what just happened, realizing everything he ever wanted to happen involving Lila was coming true.

*At Cassandra's Party*

*knock knock knock* "Lila! salut girl!" a dit Cassandra, allowing Lila to come into her home. "Hey, I'm sorry I'm late. I was having issues with EO an-" "Yeah. 'Issues'." Lila was confused. "What do toi think is my reason?" Cassandra giggled and said,"Dude, I'm going to give toi hints on what I think held toi up. One, that dude that crashed into our school is smokin' hot and extremely sexy. I was drooling when he came out of that creation he made. Two, toi know each other and he looked ecstatic when he was holding toi in his arms. And three, toi had to take him to your accueil because he now has to live with you. What do toi think I am talking about?"

Lila was afraid she knew what Cassandra was thinking. "You think I had a quicky with him, don't you?" Lila fitted in so well with the people on Earth, she almost forgot where she came from. "I don't think. I know toi did. Admit it." "I didn't have sex with him, Cassie. I only kissed him." "So toi admit toi did something with him." Lila nodded her head and looked into Cassie's eyes with seriousness. "I knew there was something between toi two. It was obvious." "But, Cassie. toi don't understand. I just found out he loves me. When we got home, that was the first time we ever showed any passion to each other. I never knew that about him and he never knew about me." Cassandra started to understand Lila more.

"Well, how did it feel when he kissed you? Is he a good kisser? Did he taste good? Did he feel warm? Did toi feel him get hard?" Cassandra started laughing while she asked the last question. Lila wasn't very pleased with that question but she couldn't control Cassandra's dirty mouth. "EO is a very kisser. He tasted very sweet and it felt. . . .like heaven. I loved s’embrasser him. I felt finally happy like he was the missing piece to my puzzle. And I am NOT answer that last question." "Oh, c'mon, Lilapop!" Lila knew she had to answer. "I don't know. I was too busy enjoying myself as he slid his tongue into my mouth and touched mine. Jealous?" "Hell yeah! One plus question." Lila was getting irritated."What?" "Are toi like together now?" Cassandra was being serious now. Lila didn't answer for a minute and said,"Yeah. We're together.

". . .leaving EO sitting on her lit shirtless. "