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This Buffy contre les vampires screencap contains portrait, headshot, gros plan, and closeup.

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 Oh my, that's unsightly!
Oh my, that's unsightly!
I was browsing soapboxes one jour a few months il y a when I came across a drinking game set around the montrer Supernatural, written par Bealoser. This made me remember a time from high school when my best friend and I participated in a Buffy drinking game(bad girls, i know!). Our only criteria for taking a shot was when a vampire was slain ou we spotted a visible bra strap, the latter being fairly often considering that it was an episode from either season 2 ou season 3.

While browsing link, I realized that there were countless things in Buffy that could trigger a drink, so I started écriture down...
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A perfect video depicting every part of faith: sexy, naughty, bitchy
sexy naughty
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