Bruno Mars
Peter Hernandez ( a.k.a Bruno Mars ) is a heck of a good singer,songwriter,model & a whole lot of other things and he is loved par tons of people both young and old.
Even though I don't see no reason on this entire unirverse, some few people still hate on him.
I don't see why people would hate on such a nice, charming, sweet, down-to-earth and other characteristics ( 2 many 2 say them all :-D ) and a guy with such a positive attitude, he wouldn't let toi down...

A message 2 all the haterzz:
toi want something 2 hate on?? toi just gotta be patient because, come on let's face it, u know that if he sets his mind on something... He WILL SUCCEED!
Haterzz will broadcast ur failures but whisper ur success because behind every $UCC£$$FUL person lies a pack of HATERZZ!!!